7 Working Tips to Play Against Women’s Mind Games

mind game to beat girls mind games

Women are so natural at playing mind games; it’s as if they’re trained to do it. Guys end up ripping their hair off in utter frustration, not having a clue to what’s going on.

Who’s training them? Is it inborn? I have no idea. However, once in a while I have come across some blog posts and articles which are titled, “Relationship Games You Should Play”, written by women writers and the target readers are women. As a guy, it might be hard for you to grasp the idea of a person giving advice on how to play mind games in a relationship, but I kid you not, Google it, this is real!

So why do they do it? Is it a weapon of choice which helps them to stay at the top of the relationship chain? Let’s find out why they do it and how you can counter them. Here are 7 working tips to play against women’s mind games.

Tip#1: When She Plays Hard To Get:
Women play hard to get simply to make it more challenging for you. There are a lot of men out there who do not appreciate women who are easygoing. Men often think lowly of a woman who is easy to get in bed with. It is easy to ruin a woman’s reputation in society. If she’s playing hard to get in the beginning of relationship, be patient. She’s simply doing it to let you know that she’s not easily available and you must make yourself worthy for her. It’s up to you to decide, whether you want it easy or you want to work hard for it, make sure she’s worth the effort just like she’s making sure of you.

Tip#2: When She’s Not Answering Your Calls:
Women do not want to be a convenience. They want to be a good catch. Once in a while she will not answer your calls, or bother to ring back after missing your call. This makes you wonder about her whereabouts. Some guys come to the worst conclusion right away, “she’s having an affair” or “she’s breaking up with me”. Take a chill pill. Do not get agitated or anxious if she’s not picking up your call. Talk to her normally and inform her that you had called and missed her earlier. She’ll  probably make up a good story for not picking up your call intentionally but be matured while dealing with her lies. Remember she’s doing it to increase her value to you, give her that value.

Tip#3: When She Plays The ‘No Sex’ Game:
This is when it gets really awkward for a man. Women often try to force men to do what they want done by refusing intimacy. They won’t say it out loud but will silently avoid any physical intimacy letting you know that you’re “not getting any” unless you do what she wants. This one is easy to figure out – stop begging for sex! It is not anyone else’s fault but yours if you’re easy to manipulate. Have some dignity and you’ll find out that women actually dig a dignified man.

Tip#4: When No Means Yes:
Does your girl ever tell you that you shouldn’t do something but actually wants you to do it? This one is obviously very confusing to figure out. Though most of the times no should mean no to other people, for you, the boyfriend, it might be a little different. If she is mildly refusing and then acting dissatisfied with the outcome, she actually wanted you to do the opposite. Let me cite out an example, once on the day before her birthday, my girlfriend told me that she does not want me to buy her that expensive clutch that she once craved. So I got her an iPod instead.  That’s a good gift right? “If I had that clutch, I could keep my iPod in there!” – she said.  What I figured is that she didn’t want to push me to buy her an expensive gift, but since I did anyways, she let her real feelings be known.

Tip#5: Silencing The Silent Treatment:
Do you ever get this? Because this is very frustrating. She won’t tell you what’s wrong, but she’ll give you that look once in a while, that’ll make you go insane! Well, in her opinion you must have done something wrong. Try to figure it out. If you can’t and she won’t tell you, just leave it be. If you’re both silent, someone has to open up. Be patient and try to be a man once in a while.  Do not go on apologizing for everything like a silly puppy dog.

Tip#6: When She Plays The ‘Master and Slave’ Game:
The “we need to talk” game is one of the most outright control games of them all. She comes hurrying in while you’re watching soccer on TV and gives you that look and says that you need to talk. You get nervous. Well stop being such a pussy! If she wants to talk, talk to her. But if you want to do it later, tell her that you’ll do it later. Just because she says, “we need to talk NOW!” does not mean you have to follow her like a slave. Ask her if it’s a medical emergency, if it’s not, it can wait.

Tip#7: Winning The Jealousy Game:
This one pushes the boundaries in a relationship. If you have been through this already, you know how infuriating that is. Often women will openly admire someone you know very well and are somewhat insecure of. She’s doing this to get you to do things that may push you. She needs to find out how far you’re willing to go for her. Go the distance if you really like her, but be realistic about it.