I am depressed for no reason ?? How to Get up and Work


As they say, there is no joy that can be enjoyed without feeling the pain. If in case you have recognized the depression in you and you are willing to take it up as a challenge to fight and overcome it, then you have almost half won the battle!

I’m talking about the phase of my life, when I had been suffering from depression, anxiety, major fluctuations in mood and my inability to concentrate on the better things in my life. Although there was nothing too bad in my life, while god had been pretty kind on me, still I lacked that eagerness to deal with the small problems and uncertainties of my life. This went on for a long time, until I was trapped inside my own cave of problems, insecurities and yes, I admit that I was depressed and dint know where to go!

This is something not new or unique that happened to me. There are many others struggling in the game of life with me, or rather sailing in the same boat with me. I would rather call those days, the worst part of my life till now, wherein I was alone, weak, irritated and frustrated with nothing more than me, myself!

I simply hated myself for no reason; I would simply reject new opportunities and keep accusing the current ones I had. I just dint know where to head to and if course I very much needed help.

Anyways, on a broader note, it is completely okay to feel like this at times. We often face many challenges and hurdles in life that interrupt out well being and there are so many things that just simply don’t go as per our plan, but so what?

We all are different and our lives are often very different from the others. Once we stop comparing our lives, our future and our progress with the others around, we often would get the answer to most of our depressing questions and apprehensions.

So how did I fight, move on and got out of it?

#1. I stepped out of my own thoughts

This was anyways a hard step taken, but I insisted on withdrawing myself from my own insecurities and negative thoughts. I took some time out to reconnect to myself and thought about the root cause and the most beneficial way to overcome the same. You bet it worked like magic!

#2. An ear to listen to you; or a shoulder to cry

A friend in need is certainly a friend in deed. A opened up to someone close and yes, it did work its wonders just like any other therapy!

#3. De-stress and uncluttered my life

I reached pout to music and trust me it helped. Music is therapeutic and it did help me heal my heart and my mind. I felt less lonely, started enjoying my won company and yes came out of those creepy feelings.

#4. My Pets became my doctors

I always loved the idea of keeping pets, but this time the way they showered their love upon me, worked great to treat my depression and helped me take on life with a new perspective.

#5. I made it a point to go for a walk, jog or a short run

Exercise if you consider is one way to detoxify your body and as well as your mind. I took towards simple walks, and moved over to jogs and the finally ran. It helped me settle my mind and have a better and optimal vision.

#6. I took naps and slept more

It helped me recharge myself and some rest kept me going with a fresher approach to deal with my challenges in a better way.

#7. I made it a point to have fun

I surrounded myself with people whom loved having fun and participated in several activities. I enjoyed thoroughly and of course got rid of my anxieties.

#8. Laughter therapy

With god’s grace my friends and family made it a point to surround me with laughter, happiness, comic films and so much more. It laughed my lungs out and actually realized my worries taking the exit route.

#9. Old pictures, videos and photo albums

Going down the memory lane helped me cheer up, live well for my loved ones and yes come out of my own insecurities, considering the good part of my life and my loved ones!

#10. I let it go

There were many aspects, incidents and chapters of my life that made me go deeper in to depression. There were, many things and people who made me feel this way. I had hatred and bad feelings for them all. I finally unhooked that cork and let them all go. Trust me they went away and also took my depression away from me!

Depression is all a mind game, play with it, before it starts playing with you!