8 Best Ways to End a Relationship with Someone You Love


A lot of us grow up hearing that one day we’re going to have a perfect job, a perfect family, perfect homes and a perfect husband/wife. Expectations lead to disappointments and most people unfortunately don’t get to live up to those expectations.

Sometimes we tend to get biased when in love, we tend to see the person more attractive, more beautiful than they actually are. Sometimes we end up loving the wrong ones, the ones that appear as our best friend may turn out to be our worst nightmares.

You find that one person, you walk up to him, lend him your heart, whilst he’s secretly sharpening his knife to butcher your life, you fall in love. We tend to create a better picture of our loved one in our minds and we start dwelling over there, and when things change, when reality hits in, it’s like we have been drunk and hallucinating over the very idea of falling in love. You’d have reached that stage of a relationship where you’re no longer in love or probably have started seeing someone else and you’re just seeking out few ways to end the relationship. Whilst you’re picking up your broken pieces you somehow want to end everything on a good note.

Hey, it doesn’t mean that you both can continue being friends, this is not guaranteed. But I would like to list out few ways in which you can end your relationship neatly.

#1. Honesty is the best policy.

Though it’s an age old saying, it does hold good for all times. Just be honest and tell your partner the genuine reason why you want to break up. Ensure that they understand your concerns and the actual reason why you feel it isn’t working anymore and be honest to them. Please be sweet at the same time instead of acting all cold.

#2. A stitch in time saves nine.

So find the right time to break this topic. In case your partner is already feeling bad about something say her relative has expired or something and you go in and say: “Hey! I am breaking up with you”, you know this doesn’t feel good right? So please ensure you pick a time when your partner is stable and then open up the matter. You wouldn’t want them to wonder if they have dated a douchebag.

#3. Do it in private.

Please don’t break up over phone texts or emails.  Please meet them in person and appear like you care and then tell them you want to end the relationship. Don’t just block them away on Facebook and other sites and send them away from your life. This will only indicate that you’re not a good person. Instead please meet for one last time and break up in person in a private place.

#4. Be sure if you really want to break up

Just because you both fought for some silly matter and are mad at each other doesn’t mean that you have to break up. Please be sure if you really want to break up and understand all the consequence it can have before you actually proceed and do it.

#5. Don’t involve or name a third person.

Please don’t mention that you have found someone already! This only means that you were two timing when you were already in a relationship. This is going to break our heart and question everything about you, we would also lose the trust we had on you.

Also please don’t get a third person to help you in the break up because your partner is going to feel embarrassed and it’s not a good way to break up. After all you both have been together all this time! Can’t you break it off without involving anyone else?

#6. Do show some sympathy.

Please show some sympathy and act like you care. Like I said once must break up in person and not over phone call or texts. But don’t end up being over dramatic by saying that “I hope you find someone nice” or “I hope we can be together in another life time and so on” Seriously we don’t need this bullshit, now that you have decided to end it, just walk away. Don’t create too much of drama and leave us confused.

#7. Anything could happen.

Breaking up is not easy, your partner could overreact, throw tantrums or abuse you and even go to an extent where they might attempt suicide!

So be prepared to receive all sorts of reactions from your partner and stay calm and help them out. Don’t just walk off when you see that they’re crying. Instead pacify them and tell them things will be okay.

#8. Know when the right time to walk away.

So you must be sure right if it’s the time to end your relationship? Once you’re sure of it and you broke off the news to him what next?

You should also know when to walk off. Tell them neatly that you’re sorry for what has happened and that you don’t see a future with them in it. Let them know that you don’t care for them the way they care for you and say goodbye and walk off.

Yes I agree breakups are messy, and we end up hurting ourselves and others. But it’s always good to end a toxic relationship and there are good ways to end it rather than being cold and not giving a damn. So please think a lot before you decide to break up with someone you love.