What is True Love and 8 Ways to be Sure about it


Love, is a small word but most of the times it carries a huge importance in our lives. Love, is life, lair, water, bliss and so much more. A dreamy illusion creates right in front of our eyes when we talk about the concepts of Love. If in case you have experienced love or have been in a relationship, you could connect with this aspect even better. But have you ever wondered what True Love is exactly?

There are many definitions, poetry and slogans written about True Love. However when we consider this aspect on the whole, we would quote True Love to be nothing less than perfect. You can end up being absorbed to the fullest and forget the rest of the aspects involved in life and just focus upon that special person who gives you those lovey-dovey vibes and changes the whole meaning of life.

Most of us keep getting attracted to the opposite sex for one reason or the other. But how do we know if it really is true love? As in this feeling might be just a mere infatuation, an attraction to the beauty or the charm of the other person or may be a short term romantic inclination, you never know!

So, if in case you have been wondering about that thin line between love and a thing like love, here you go!

#1. You don’t really find any other person better than this special one

Yes, you are really taken in that case. If in case you think he/she is genuinely the best you have ever come across. Then my dear there are greater chances of this feeling to be True Love.  You might have been looking for a soul mate since years, and this one made your heart stop and made you nervous, then most likely you’re about to be on just the right track!

#2. You have enclosed and confined yourself to that person

The world is just not enough for a person who has never fallen in love. But if you think the world stops and ends right there, this is certainly more than just a mere attraction. If in case you are genuinely interested in that special someone and don’t feel like even flirting elsewhere, yes you’re finally in True Love!

#3. Your gestures are self-less

It crazy and its weird, but its True love! If in case you are simply doing things to please that someone, without any expectation in return. A help at work, a simple gesture, to something more critical. If in case you have been doing all of this and much more to just see them smiling. This is it and this is what True Love is. It’s sweet, selfless and simply pure.

#4. You just don’t mind sharing your biggest fears and secrets with them

It takes a lot to discuss your personal self with someone, and if in case you are comfortable chatting about and opening up about your fears and limitations, then this person is certainly special. This is step one towards creating a special bond that shall be cherished forever.

#5. You guys are a great team

No matter where you meet this someone especial. But if you guys make up for a great team and the association is a killer, then there is nothing better. Relationships work when both the partners share the similar wavelength and agree to the togetherness. This is simple True love, while you both can be equally crazy or rather insane, but equal!

#6. There is no struggle beyond this joy for you

If in case you are prepared to take up any challenge and difficulty in life to stay closer and make each other happy. You guys are seriously mad in love and this is True love. This sort of a bond is rather forever and beyond the struggles and the various challenges life throws on you!

#7. You accept your love just the way it is

Love is never perfect; it is never measured or sorted. If in case you accept the weirdness of your partner, then you surely are very much in love. True Love is beyond perfection and expectation. It is all about loving the differences and the flaws of your partner.

#8. You start doing things you had never done so far

You know is love and you know it’s true when you tag along to that restaurant you simply hated. You’re eating things you never liked before. Shopping was always boring, but not anymore, or watching that stupid flick, but in the company of someone you adore. When you start testing yourself to the limits, listen up, you’re in True love.

Illusions and attractions don’t really last longer, but if your fascination and love grows by the days and years, yes my dear this is True love, a magic that only the luckier ones get to experience in life!