6 Signs Of Toxic Girls You Should Avoid In A Relationship

Girls to avoid

Love is so beautiful, insightful, fantastic, and BLIND of course. When you are first hit by a gigantic wave of love, the romanticism of it knocks you over and you usual thoughts and logic are washed over by its tremendous impact. It’s like covering your senses with a bunch of blood-red rose and being lost in its existence and it’s awesome to the core.

BUT!! Guy before you get absolutely carried away by it. You need to snap back into reality one more time (“ta….daa mom I’m back”) and do some reality checks on your “bae”. “boo”, “bebe”, “Gummy bear” etc. etc. because oh boy! Relationship (especially long term ones) are simply complex and you should see your relationship from every perspective possible and look for any “dead-breaker” sign in your girl early in your relationship and if you find one or many of the “Toxic Girl symptoms” in your girl that can lead to a vicious, dysfunctional relationship in the long run, then simply grab a cookie and walk away. Here are those signs—


Every female in this planet wants and loves to be appreciated, complemented, and adored and this is in accordance with their feminine nature- it’s inbuilt; this is what that can buy them over (NO! I didn’t mean it in the literal sense. Please don’t hurt me). Doesn’t it feel like a kitty-lover to adore your girl and forget everything in the world? Yeah, So nice! Pause here one sec. and hold on man. Did she snap back and got pissed off at you the last time you forgot to compliment her lip gloss because you were too much exhausted?? Is she absolutely unwilling to accept any of her flaws even if it’s very much there and bothering you time and not again? If the answer is positive, you may not wanna move on with this narcissist chick who has taken it for granted that she is THE MOST flawless and intellectual and beautiful person in the whole damn world. There is simply no future with such a person who would want to make you her “magic mirror” for the rest of your life.


These are the types of women who have this uncanny ability to put all the blames on you (for mostly the things you have never done actually) and make you feel responsible and creepy about yourself for all their tiny bit of real and a huge chunk of fabricated miseries. “And the consequence?” you may ask. Did you watch what happened to the titanic when it collided with the ice-berg dude?


Oh! This is plain depressive and morbid. I mean why in the world would you wanna live with someone who thinks you to be a dumping ground for all her unending debris of sorrows, misery, pain and blithe? Now there is a huge difference between sharing and THIS. In the first case, your partner will share her angst with you and will seek some ideas of solutions from you along with that warm comfort that you’ve been always giving her. In the later case (the point considered here) she will tell you all these thing in order to dump those negative bunch of emotions on you and won’t be ready to take even a single way-out suggestions from you and no matter how much you try. Dude just flee from this “Grimm adventures” of you and me “episode”.


“To be or not to be with an ogre who wanna take control of everything about you and gradually wanna eat you up this is the question”. If you ask for my humble opinion I would say “NOOOOOOO DUDE RUN AND SAVE YOUR LIIIIIFE”.

        This is the type of relationship where mutual sharing and respect literally don’t exist and she will colonize you and turn you into her hand-puppet for the rest of your life and some verbal –

        “DO NOT do it. I DO NOT LIKE IT”.

        “DON’T walk like a brat. Walk like I tell you”.

        “How many times did I tell you not to listen to BOB MARLEY? I don’t like his cracked up voice”.

And the most horrific one:

        “You’ll change because I tell you to change”.


“Wait um…. Honey-pie didn’t you tell me the other day that you are from that art school? Uh… well I must have heard it wrong”. No bro you didn’t but you’re just not hearing out those signs of a “dicey, shady chick” like you ought to be (Told you LOVE IS BLIND… ah! and DEAD also). If your honey-pie is unwilling to tell you everything about her past or if you suspect that she may have a dicey. Volatile past or if her accounts of her past changes overtime, then it’s not the one “honey-pie” of your dream. Be aware human males with “honey-pie” habits.


And even If she claims that she is over it and had bid “Adieu” to things like borderline personality years back, then it’s still a glaring red-flag flying high in the sky.

THINK BOY THINK!! Thinking makes a man…….. (You fill in).

Meanwhile, if you just want to help her out, you can also do it as a good friend. Right? Rang a bell?