7 Golden Rules to Get the Girl of Your Dreams

how to Get the Girl of My Dreams

Here’s something you didn’t know, a lot of rich and very good looking men never got the girl of their dreams. Wondering why? Yes, because it is not about all that. When you have something, you tend to think this is what she wants. Wrong! You don’t have a clue. The ways of winning the heart of the girl of your dreams are not through money or good looks. There’s something more to it.

So stop dreaming about it and follow these 7 golden rules to win over the girl of your dreams.

#1: First impression is very important

The initial conversation is key to making a very good first impression. Most guys act abnormal when dating a hot girl. They cringe, they’re uneasy and their body language is strange. This is because they’re trying to put on their best behavior. You’re on the right track, but don’t force it. Be sensible. Forced behavior will put her off and once you’ve made a bad first impression, anything you do from then on, will seem unattractive to her.

Your muscles and good looks are actually quite secondary to most women. What impresses a woman is an engaging conversationalist. And when you’re talking to her make sure you look in to her eyes and not her “Pam Andersons” or her “Kim Kardashians”!  Maintain eye contact and actually try to listen no matter how hard or out of your zone it may be.

When you act weird many questions will go through her mind, most of them are negative and the answer to those negatives will be in the positive. Of all the things she’ll ask herself, “is he always like this?” So don’t be wuss, be a gentleman and be comfortable in your own skin.

#2: Don’t Chase Her/Stop trying too hard to impress

Beautiful girls have guys chasing around them all day long, on the streets, on the internet, in school, in college…you need to stand out in the crowd. Don’t be among the guys she runs away from. If you want to sit next to her at a recital or join her at Yoga class, make sure you go there to do what you’re supposed to! Don’t stare at her throughout the session. Staring will make her uncomfortable and she’ll immediately drop you like a bad habit.

Be a natural. Stop trying too hard to impress by saying ‘cool’ things that ‘cool’ guys say. You’ll end up acting like a wuss and no one like a wuss. Not even other wusses!

#3: Save the bragging rights – do not talk about your exes

I personally find it annoying when the women I date talk about their past relationships. I mean it’s good to be transparent, sharing everything. But after a point(which is once!), it becomes an ordeal. Don’t spoil the mood by talking about your sagas and tragedies, save them for literature.

Even if she is seemingly interested in it, don’t drag the exes’ story too long. She may be testing you. Women like men who’re pragmatic and can walk over the thorns of life without bleeding or crying excessively. Too poetic? It’s poetry.

#4: Level your surprises

Surprise her once in a while, but not too much. Do some old school but timeless stuff, like sending her love notes, flowers at work etc. It’s very adolescent but it’s romantic and will make her butterflies soar.

Do not post excessively on her Facebook wall and don’t feel compelled to like and comment in her every post. Too much involvement can make you seem clingy. On the other hand, too little may mean you don’t care! Every woman is different; take your time to know her. There is no general rule.

Some surprises are more likely to put her off. Don’t take her on a surprise dinner date to an extravagant place. Remember, it’s very important for a woman to share. She’d want to share it with her friends and then they’d all work together on getting her ready for it. Her excitement will only grow with the anticipation and she’ll absolutely love you for it. On the other hand if she feels unready, she might be nervous.

#5: Walk her home

This is one of the most classic romantic tricks that still work. Set up your first date about 3 or 4 blocks from her neighborhood. It would be more convenient for her.

Compliment her like a gentleman. Don’t be sleazy and it’s better not to use adjectives like babe, doll or shawty on the first go. Treat her with respect and after you’re done, ask if you can walk her home. Don’t rush and don’t seem desperate about it. If she says yes, go ahead. Don’t despair if she doesn’t want you to. Sometimes women take some time to trust guys completely with their home address, lest they turn out to be stalkers.

#6: Cook her dinner

Believe it or not, women actually find it sexy when a man knows how to use his hands! You know what I mean? So get your apron on and show your chops! It will send the message that you’re cool with the gender role reversal thing and you step up to help with household chores. Unknown to many men, often the way to a woman’s heart could be through her stomach.

So learn to cook and amaze her with a little exotic Asian cuisine and she’ll be yours before she burps.

#7: No ‘Netflix and chill’

Don’t try cheap ways to ‘get some’ with your special woman. You need to let her know that she’s special. Make her feel special. Don’t even think about going third base on the backseat of your car(unless that’s her thing and she asks you to!).

Take it slow. When you meet her after work, ask her how her day went. Buy her a little something once in a while to show that you care. A token of such appreciation could be concert tickets to see her favorite band live. It could also be something as simple as a nice cover for her iPhone, in her favorite color.

A little patience will go a long way with your special woman.