5 out of the box ideas to propose a girl


So, now that you have been eyeing upon that cute lass for quite some time now. It high time you’d let her know about your feelings. Well there are so many ways to approach a girl, while the most suitable one would be the one that fulfills all your requirements.
However, if in case you plan for proposing the woman of your dreams, then you gotta put in a few efforts. There are many things that can amuse a girl while it takes a pure heart to actually win her and make your all your forever!
We are trying our hands at some of the most creative and unique ways to propose the girl whom you have been drooling upon. Now that you have met the girl of your dreams and you are madly in love with her. This is just the right time to ask her out.
Even after many mind boggling thoughts in your mind, the day is finally sorted and you simply need to gear up and pop-out the big question to her!
So, here you go, these are some creative and innovative ways to express your feelings to your loved one:

*Let us design a web page for that special her

This is one new and modern idea to win her heart. We are living in a technically advanced era and this move will certainly impress her. You might embellish the web pages along with your pictures together along with some of the adorable pictures of her beauty and charm. You might write in your feelings and finally draft a poem to pop the big question to her! Juts forward that link to her and give her a huge surprise.

*Take her out, and this is not a fancy restaurant for sure

There are a few women who just cannot win with money, fancy places, lavish spread etc. they surely love to see you settled in life, but don’t fancy your wallet. So if your soul mate is such a down to earth beauty, then take her out to a picnic. Choose a beautiful and serene location, plan out a great and exotic spread, all full of her favorite and delicious snacks. You can opt for a quiet and tranquil resort away from the hustle bustle of the city.

*Plan a get together with her family and close friends

Arrange for a lavish get together and offer some of the most sumptuous delicacies. Raise a toast and say those important words in front of everyone. Bend don on your knees and surrender in love, while you make a commitment to keep her happy like her family and friends had bee, in the past few years. She would be touched by this gesture.

*Put up an Ad on the paper

Give an ad in the newspaper notifying the world about your feelings. This would surely make your attempt an edge over the rest of the other, if might be. You can choose for the content to be creative enough like mentioning about seeking Ms xxx to spend the life in the embrace of her and passion! This would surely melt her heart away!

*Say I do, in the middle of a movie

Date her out for a movie. The fun would just double up if you choose a romantic flick. Right in the middle of a romantic scene, just say out loud, bending on your knees. The audiences in the hall would just add over the fun, they might applaud for this gesture of your and this would surely make her say a positive yes!