Beer a Day … The Mood Maker!


1 Beer a Day … The Mood Maker!

For anyone who loves drinking beer, August is such a significant month to remember, especially the first Friday. Why? Well, this date gives you a lot more reason to celebrate. It’s International Beer Day! Don’t let this annual celebration be forgotten and let the joyful beer celebration commence.

When did this all happen?

The International Beer day started at the local bar of the founder, Jesse Avshalomov. Through the years, its popularity had expanded, turning it into a worldwide event. This event is celebrated in various forms. It includes binge drinking and games like beer pong, trivia nights, beer flights, all-day happy hours, beer giveaways, and food/beer pairings.

Even selecting and tasting rare or new beers is another way to celebrate this event. Well, that would be a perfect way to celebrate since the event highly encourages everyone to try something new or rare type of beer during the day of celebration. This beer day is not just an ordinary type of celebration – it embodies these three declared purposes:

  1. Meet your friends and enjoy the taste of beer.
  2. Celebrate for the people behind and responsible for brewing as well as serving beer.
  3. Make the world united under the banner of beer by celebrating with all the beers in the world, together, on this special day.

This beer day, no one will be left alone because you drink with friends, the people around you, and for the whole world. However, because of this all-day beer, it might change your mood for that day.

Beer and Your Mood

Drinking beer greatly affects your mood –every type of beverage can change your mood the moment you take a sip. Well, that might be exaggerated, but Science has an explanation for that. Beer, for instance, if you drink it regularly, it affects your hormone levels. It affects at least five of your brain’s neuroreceptors; dopamine and serotonin are just some of it. These hormones regulate a person’s mood. So, you will significantly notice the change in your mood or emotions with just a simple glass of beer.

If you drink enough beer, let’s say it causes 0.03% to 0.12% BAC or blood alcohol concentration. This causes an overall improvement in one’s mood. It can be possible to feel euphoria, decreased anxiety, and an increase in sociability as well as self-confidence. This is how beer affects one’s mood.

Whatever type of beverage that you consume, it can affect your mood in a good, funny, or bad way. Your mood will depend on what’s exactly happening in your brain. If you are in the perfect mood and had a couple of drinks, it will result in an even better mood, but if you are sad and depressed, the feeling of being miserable, hopeless, and sadness can kick in.

We’re not telling you to drink beer to be able to change your mood. More importantly, beer and any other alcoholic beverage are not the solutions to your problems. It would be better to drink after you have solved your problem than to have it while you are still solving it. Remember, beer tastes best if you’re happy.