9 Tips to Stay Happy Every Day

tips to stay happy every day

In the quest of looking for comforts in life, we often overlook the importance of being happy in the life we lead. We work hard; almost slog all the five days of the week, thinking we would get the happiness in those two days over the weekend. However, what we fail to understand that life is so much beyond the comforts of the lively Saturdays and Sundays we have limited out our lives in. Choosing to be happy all through the week, in fact each day of life is certainly imperative and essential, without a doubt.

Anyhow, it wouldn’t be incorrect to quote that happiness is a true feeling that is sent out from our minds. So, do we like teach the mind to stay happy? Well, we can’t really do that!

So, what do we do, to stay happy every day?

The world is changing, in fact rapidly evolving; life has become even faster and quicker. It indeed is a mad rat race out there, and we all are the guinea pigs, who completely give into the changes, some of us becoming business magnets, corporate horses or money making robots. Ironically all day long, we are typically bothered about the last pay check, the upcoming promotion, the loan on your head, the big car or the bigger mansion!

This is a crazy and an endless list! With so much in our heads all day along, how do we even think about staying happy and we certainly are never happy, even after achieving so much. There is a lot goes into achieving something these days. People sacrifice their sleep, their family times, leave their home towns, stay away from their loved ones for months and so much more. To put it all in simpler words, the sacrifices are far more than the reward we attain, so where would the happiness come from?

Most of the times, the hearts and the minds are heavy with that left out aspect that digs deeper and becomes regret. This regret manages to keep us busy but not happy, no matter what!

We all think at times, if life could be easier, smooth and comfortable for us to live each day as it comes and not strive hard to attain meager things in life, instead of being happily living in all that we had, cherishing the company of our loved ones, family and friends….just like our grandparents tell us about their life.

Well, we certainly can’t really help rewind life back to those incredible eras; however what we can do is find out the little things that could make us happy. Carve out the best path that leads to happiness, in spite of all the worries and challenges life throws upon us…..yes we certainly can!

It is almost impossible to describe a remedy for happiness, but here we are trying to put across a few aspects that lead to a happier and a fulfilled life:

#1. Move that body for happiness

You might have heard several health and fitness gurus, talking about exercise for a toned and a balanced, healthier body. But the hidden fact behind exercising remains to be able to stay happy! You can overcome your depressions, achieve a better mental health and maintain an overall wellness that boost the happy hormones in the body, making you much more relaxed, reduce the stress levels and of course feel happier.

#2. Get that beauty sleep to stay happy

After you wake from an adequate sleep, you tend to be relaxed, feel positive and overcome any difficulty in life. You tend to perform better in life after a good night’s sleep, be more productive at work and therefore when things fall in the right direction, you certainly enjoy that and of course, stay happy!

#3. Cherish your loved ones

No one is happy when alone, so no matter you are surrounded with friends or relatives or family, ensure to give them the due credit of being around and loving you. You would feel much happier when you’re with them and they would also love you even more for all this!

#4. Come out, happiness is everywhere

No matter you are happy or nit, never think of confining yourself indoors. Sneak out and enjoy the bright sunshine, the wind, air, greenery, natural habitat, birds and plants to make you feel better. Natural surrounding boosts your memory, helps in a better concentration, uplifts your mood and thus makes you happier.

#5. Become helpful

It is indeed true to quote that we all are here fighting our battles, however if it is your abilities, volunteer to help others. You would love the smile of satisfaction on their faces and they will certainly enlighten your day, no matter how simple the help was. Helping others would make you believe in yourself and lower down your stress levels.

#6. Go on a holiday!

This is scientifically proven to say that a holiday is always an ultimate answer towards happiness. As and when you’re just sick and tired of the monotony of life, just pack your bags and leave with your family or friends or even solo. Do this often when nothing else works!

#7. Meditation

A relaxed and a balanced mind would always make you realize the importance of smaller aspects in life. It soothes your brain, calms your nerves, enhances your true self and hence you feel happier than ever before. You become even more compassionate, love being in a happy state, learn to fight the odds with courage and patience!

#8. Have a Me-time

Irrespective of you being married, a parent, highlighted in office being popular and always crowded with people. Manage to take some time out to enjoy the company of the stunning yourself. Do all that makes you happy, like waking up early and going for a week, pampering yourself to beauty treatments at home of at the spa, read a book, do some shopping, watch a movie, the list is long, but pick all that makes you relax in your own company to be happy!

#9. Stop judging others

Yes, you read that right! We often spend a lot of time, checking out others, their lives and comparing them with ours. This usually makes us see a glass half empty, and this is exactly where happiness starts leaving us. Instead, we must focus on ourselves and rely upon our own strengths in order to be happy, successful and feel good about ourselves!

With most of it said above, there is no other thought when we say, true happiness is never available anywhere, until it remains to be in our minds and comes within us. You have the only potential to make things work and achieve happiness, no matter what!