The Upside of Dating an Older Woman


Dating older women has always enticed young men. Young men find these older women more mature. They feel these women with experience will teach them a completely new perspective towards dating, relationships as well as sex.

There are many upsides of dating an older woman. Let’s have a look at some points that will definitely motivate you to make you move and start dating older women.

Should I Date Older Women?

When you mention dating older woman, what do you picture? A woman who looks like an aunty? A woman who has her age dated in the calendar and will have wrinkles and fine lines to tell the tales of her life? Stop right there! Break your image from stereotypes and picture a completely new world. Older women today may still have wrinkles and fine lines, but they have aged to perfection like a fine wine. The society may call them ‘cougars’ and ‘cougar dating’ may be a term to spoil their image, but far better when it comes to dating.

If you are planning to date a woman who is about 10 to 15 years older than you, do not worry. Dating older women is just like dating girls your age. However, they are more matured, own car and financially stable.

There are many more upsides of dating an older woman. Let us have a look at these upsides in the following paragraphs.

Why Older Women Dating Younger Men is a Good Idea?

Older women dating young man is no longer a taboo. Look at JLo and her 29-year-old boyfriend. You may argue, well, JLo is JLo, and you are you. There should be no stopping you or your prospective love interest in building a romantic liaison.

#1. Older Women Show Better Maturity

Older women teach young men to act way beyond their real age. They help them stand for themselves and teach them how to take care of a woman. They instill confidence in young men and teach them to defend what is their rightfully. Older women won’t change the youthfulness in the young man as it is what they enjoy the most in their relationship.

#2. Older Women Let You Be You

When a young man dates an older woman, he does not have to worry much about changing himself. Older women like young men to remain their vibrant and funky self. It is one of the main reasons she was attracted to you in the first place!

#3. They Never Remind You of The Age Barrier

They worry the relation will collapse when you realize the age barrier. Thus, they avoid discussing the age or anything related that remind you of the age gap. They will work hard to make the relationship work and remain successful.

#4. The Sex is Great

Dating older women comes with its share of perks. You get to have great sex with an older woman. You are young and have many tricks to show off. The older woman is matured and experienced, guiding you well in bed. Together you both will have a great time making love and discovering each other’s sexual potential.

#5. She Knows Her Needs

A younger woman tends to make a relationship more dramatic and unstable. She is not sure of her feelings or tends to expect more than expected. In case of older women, she has seen a lot in her life and has learned her lessons well. She won’t go beating around the bush and come crystal clear about her feelings. Thus, your relationship is more simple, stress-free and stable.

#6. She Has Overcome the Playing Games Thing

An older woman as I have already mentioned has gone past the age of melodrama. She no longer loves to play and seek. She is more honest and does not expect you to decipher her feelings every now and then. She has no time for bullshit and will be clear with her wants and desires. Thus, giving you a change to better yourself in the relationship.

#7. You Don’t have to Worry About Long-Term Commitment

A woman in her 40s is either single or already divorced. She is not looking forward to settle down in a marriage soon enough and wants to enjoy the period of dating younger men. She may already have kids to look after, thus, you can be more of a helper rather than take over the position of a full time daddy.

#8. She Allows You to Have More Emotional Independence

Girls your age are looking forward to a blissful future and expect more from you emotionally. On the other hand, an older woman may be more into the relationship for the excitement you bring in her life due to your youthfulness or in some cases, purely for the sexual satisfaction she gains from the relationship.

As you can see, the perks of dating and older women are aplenty. You can enjoy being in a relationship while it lasts. If it works out for you, Cheers! So, what are you waiting for, make your move before it’s too late.