7 Signs to Tell Your Relationship is Not Working


Sometimes it’s hard to identify when a relationship is over, some say a relationship is over when you’re in love with the memories than the person in front of you.

Perhaps you’re unhappy and you just can’t figure out what went wrong. So how can you understand that your relationship is over and that you have to move on? Here are few sings which indicate that your relationship is over

#1. Can you still pull out a conversation?

Initially during the honeymoon period you both could talk about almost everything but now you find it weird and awkward to talk about even tiny things. There will be awkward silences now and then and both of you will simply not agree to each other and you’ll pull in an argument for anything your partner has to say.

Your once best friend now seems more like a stranger to you and you cannot engage in a conversation or do things together.

#2. You no longer have sex.

You both are no longer interested in sex. You would rather sleep off than engage in some romantic activity. Your partner may tell that he/she is not in the mood, try to change the topic when it comes to sex. In the honeymoon period both of you would have been busy giving each other orgasms but now you don’t care about it anymore. You’d rather do something else.

If there has been a long time gap since you both got busy under the bed sheet then it means that your relationship is almost reaching its expiry date and your partner is no longer interested in you.

#3. How often do you contact each other.

In the beginning of the relationship you both would be quite busy texting each other, calling up at midnight and talking till dawn. But now? You don’t bother to call each other or text. This only means that you no longer matter to them and that they just aren’t in love anymore and it would be a flag indicating that your relationship is about to end.

#4. Did the fun disappear?

Recollect the first time your boyfriend did something special for you, maybe getting you a bouquet of roses or planning a surprise dinner. Does it happen now? No? Then this means that he’s no longer interested in you and his love is fading away.

#5. Whom do you spend time with?

Do you spend more time with your friends rather than with your partner? Haven’t you seen your partner for weeks? Then it simply means that you’re not a priority for your partner and he just doesn’t care to spend time with you.

#6. Work has become a priority?

Is your partner becoming a workaholic? He doesn’t seem to make time for you and rather focuses only on office work? Does he at least manage to spare some 5 minutes for you and have a quick call and say that he loves you? If he doesn’t do this then it means that he’s avoiding you.

At the same time has he forgotten important dates like your birthday, anniversary and acts like it doesn’t matter to him? This also indicates that the love is fading away and it isn’t a priority anymore.

#7. Infinite fights

You speak A,your partner says Z, there’s only fights and arguments! Every day is a war. If you see that you and your partner are only planning on fighting and disagreeing with each other and plan on cutting each other’s throats then it means that your relationship is moving towards the negative sex. Of course couples do tend to fight but they get back together and love all over again. This doesn’t happen in a relationship which is on the verge of breaking. So please understand the difference between an unhealthy fight and a healthy fight.

So if you feel that you’re facing these situation in your relationship then it means that your relationship is over and its time you made a change to your life. Just remember that you all deserve nothing but the best!