Believing These 5 Myths About Why Men Are Called Dogs


To begin with, men are called dogs because they are. Animals shallow enough to pant at the sight of an attractive woman, go on digging until they find what they are looking for and get perennially stuck in their balls! (Probably that’s where their brain lies, if they have one, at all!)

Smelling for sex in the most asexual places and their imagination being streamlined incessantly by carnatic thoughts!!  Having said that, before we begin, it is safe to say that not all men are dogs. But men are, mostly dogs.

While few of you have already started sensing horrible things about this article (or pointing out my grammatical errors, lack of vocabulary or myopic views) and other few have decided to move on to the next, let me stick to the point and explain why men are dogs!

For all those mass of women who are jilted in love, cheated on, had their fair share of dealing with men and their pathetic ways or were taken advantage of by those perfect jerks, ladies will surely know why men are dogs!

#1.  See an attractive lady, sniff around, smell oestrogens, take her to bed!

While evolution may suffice it by saying that it’s rooted in men  psyche to spread the seeds, women perfectly know how much that spreading sucks! All their high sounding clamours end up with that! They will go on throwing baits of compliment on your looks, lure  and lust you to bed. Sometimes straight, sometimes through the drama of a “relationship “. Too many women I have seen in my life who were promised serenades of eternal love that ended in bed between the sheets! Where it was meant to be.

When it comes to sex, men are extremely greedy, shrewd and cunning. They will go on nudging you in order to get their sexual needs fulfilled and will not hesitate to throw you away once it’s over.

They cheat, stray and lie to meet their needs and will go away tucking their tails between their legs to whoever waves and promises them the same! Perfectly describes why relationships with twenty-something guys suck!

#2. Men are shallow, just like dogs.

Their eyes and mind are bound to set on breasts and butts and rarely divert from there! And even if it does, that’s to see the topographies of your face and either fantasize further or ridicule you on that! Just like a dog they too salivate on seeing pieces of meat! They are shallow creatures whose primal attraction for the opposite sex is rooted in something as shallow as looks. As transient as that. Talk about something deep, intellectual with them and they diffuse faster than sulphur dioxide, giving the air a pungent smell of their tastes!

#3. They stray, cheat and leave!

Just like dogs whose loyalty level with their partners count down to zero, most men are bound to tread on that way!

Did you ever notice that an average dog changes partner over every copulatory season? So does an average man!

Just that his season extends to all the months of the year. In a psychological study it was surveyed that 6-7 out of 10 men cheat while only 3-4 women out of 10 recourse  that way! They will lie, hide from you their affairs and go on begging for sympathy unless you decide to move on!

#4. They will go on digging unless they come up with what they want.

Men are one pathetic, selfish, self-obsessed clan and once something gets in to their mind, they will go on digging until something substantial comes of it. They will also not hesitate to manipulate you for that! Their range of expertise varies from emotional manipulation to outward blackmailing to playing horrible mind games on you! They don’t hesitate traversing any path to get their needs fulfilled. At least dogs are loyal to their masters, men may fail to be that as well!

 #5. They are selfish as dogs and mean as them!

This may come across as  ugly and self-defiant statement to some, yet this is the truth. All my years of personal experience and an abundance of examples of all the cases mentioned above, with my girl friends, aunts, sisters, girl cousins, acquaintances and even perfect strangers made me a firm believer of this fact. They always want things at their convenience and are used to having that! They exploit women and her softness to their own advantage and are one manipulative clan of human!

I strongly want to believe otherwise but the statistics are way too strong than our folly bound human hearts! Just look at the whopping amount of rape cases, sexual abuses and emotional distraught women face on a regular basis.

#6. They are as worthless as dogs, probably worse!

Do you really think they deserve the platform we gave them? Working on our appearance, denying to accept and admire our body and constantly trying to fit in the preconceived notion of “beauty” as seen through the male eyes? All those hours of working on ourselves would have added to something more substantial had we spent it on the right things! Why do we care about them at all? Reevaluating and evaluating my every move,  I went to a further extent and  worked on to mend few of my ways, but all in vain!

They are mean and treat women as their object to wrench pleasure.  Once a dog, always a dog. That’s men for you.

Okay, I don’t want to sound bitter but don’t care either if I sound so. For, this is exactly how things are. Therefore no, I just don’t care what they think or say about me. The only way to deal with them is to ignore all those unsolicited air and just be you! Don’t ever let any man tamper your self-esteem and dare you think of changing yourself for him! Remember, it’s not us, it’s them.

But do we start hating men for that? Or give up on them? Heck. No! (Although am often bewildered with the idea of how delightful a world without men would be, then a brief glance at my father would curb it) we just need to put ourselves first! Always.

Therefore know them right but never stop believing in the possibilities of life. Maybe some day a better guy will step into your life and shatter few of these notions?  Hey, even dogs have their breeds and not all of them are equally bad.