Unlucky 13 Signs: Your Guy Is Only After Sex And Not You

guy is after sex

Sometime it feels really good to hear clearly that “I want to have sex with you”
Or “I just want to sleep with you, baby!” Instead of  I love you…
“I love you” costs time, energy, and unwanted emotional crisis!

New pinch!!! For your new “candy” crush!!!
Not your crush? Okay then he is just dating with you?
Right? And you’re slowly attracted towards him!
And very much excited! Yet confused, because he is not considering you as your girlfriend!
But he behaves like your boyfriend (sometime lovey dovey husband)

Doubtful! Isn’t it?

Most of this type of charming and cunning men, in a short word, they’re all  Players – and they consciously avoid the sexual conversation when they first meet a girl; they make you feel that they are not at all any ordinary guy by giving you the impressions, and slowly you get involve with him , first emotionally then physically!

And when he gets that you’re in his black hand- he starts taking advantage.
Old pinch!!! For waking you up from your nightmare….
To avoid getting hurt or romantically puddle in love mud beware of these unlucky 13 signs that you’re just being used for sex-


#1. Only Appearance Matters:

When you go for a date, what is the first thing he says- is it about your clothes or lipstick? Does he do it very often and anything- from your hair to shoes? And sometime you wonder why the hell he is complimenting your jogging shoes too?

What adjectives he prefers- does he compliment Sexy, hot- instead of beautiful?

Adjectives show the respect towards you. Don’t lose it.

#2. Guy With A Big Eye:

It’s a general notification – you can observe it easily. Because his eyes give a hundred kind of signs that he just wants your flesh. While talking, where does he look? Does he look into your eyes and talk? Or anywhere else? This kind of flirtatious guy can undress you by their eyes! I’m sure; I don’t need to tell you these aren’t very healthy signs to be intimated unless you too are just looking for that bed moments.

#3. To Push For Alcohol:

Going to a bar, spending some time all good concept. But, have you noticed, he literally pushes alcohol on you. Yes! Just because he wants to get you drunk. Men realize that young ladies can here and there be all the more effortlessly induced or open to remorseful choices with somewhat liquid strength (or perhaps fluid ineptitude) behind them. You can recognize this guy when he orders another jug of wine after you said you were done, says “Go ahead, we are having an awesome time, only one more.”

#4.  You Never Meet His Friends:

You are dating him but he never introduces you with his friends- just because he doesn’t want you to introduce you as a girlfriend. He’s simply playing with you. He can make it appear as he doesn’t need companions and you are everything he needs, yet as a general rule, he simply doesn’t need any additional strings.

Even he doesn’t want to meet your friends. But you should get your friends involved as early as possible. They will be the ones to tell you if he is serious about you. Friends make it out better by talking and mingling!

#5. Family Gathering Bores Him:

Have you ever told him to meet your parents? And obviously he ignores that carefully. Like he doesn’t want to meet your friends, for that same reason he doesn’t want to meet your family. Safe players take time. It’s not like that you’re asking him to meet his parents on your first date- that’s insane. Some guys just stick to your butt for months to sleep with you. Ask him to meet your family else it might be an ideal opportunity to bid him Bye Bye.

#6. Sexual Texts:

He texts you whenever he is bored. And that too very seductive. First message would be missing you, and next I wish you’re with me at my room, soon the room turns to bed!!!

Isn’t it? Original and tacky!

#7. Night Calls:

Not only he texts you when he is bored- but he is bored at night- generally between 12 and 3.

He calls only at night. It’s a WOW signal- you might be thinking! At the end of the day, he thinks about me!!! NO! He never thinks about you- not even in his wildest dream.

He calls you to get warmed up and pure sexual conversation. What are you wearing? what’s the color of your lingerie? and suddenly he will ask you about your sizes- of course not your shoes!

It doesn’t matter how hard you try not to talk sexual, he at all times turns the conversation into that.

#8. No Commitments:

After this sexual conversation, you might be in surprise- why isn’t he proposing you, or at least say he cares for you! If you ask that guy straightly if he loves you or not, he never directly says yes! Or he quickly changes the topic.

Not willing to commit because he is only in it for sex, and you are likely be his sex doll.

#9. Straight To Your Bedroom:

When he drops you home, he always wants to stay for a coffee and more. No matter how hard you try to show your affections, it just doesn’t matter.

He tries to do more than a kiss and touch your butt often… C’mon you know he just wants to get access to bedroom.

#10. Dirty Pictures:

Suddenly you will get some dirty pictures in mailbox. It’s not a very decent sign for a man. Not at all, tacky or playful- dirty pictures are the lowest and cheap form of sexting and it directly says, I want to sleep with you and after that I will shut door on your face. Yes! It is! It is one of the final warring you can catch!

#11.  Relationship Status

Do you know about his past relationships? Have he ever mentioned or shared with you?

If you notice his Facebook account you can get some clues. He must have some friends and followers who can help you to unzip his past relationships. Like how often he stays in a relationship? How often he dumps any girl? or girls dump him easily!

#12. Always busy :

He is always busy whenever you need him emotionally or in any problem. He never picks or replies your calls or texts. He doesn’t want to get involved in your life neither emotionally nor mentally! He only listens to you carefully if it’s about sex.

13. # No Public Place Dating:

Have you ever dated him publicly? Watching a movie or having a romantic dinner?
Because his idea of a date is sitting on a sofa and grab you. He will give some romantic excuses not to take you to a nice dinner; sometime you can hear- I just want to be with you- just two of us!?
Well, he just doesn’t want to spend money on you, what he wants is Sex in his boring bachelor life without any commitment!

Don’t avoid all these signs. If you think the cute looking guy, you are dating with is only after having sex, just Dump him before he dumps you.