Should You Date A Single Dad?

dating with a married man

Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad! What if you happen to date an awesome dad who happens to have an awesome sense of humor, the sexy maturity, great job, a beautiful house, car and what not! Hey, sorry I missed something – two kids!

The last one doesn’t sound that great aye?

But wait! Dating a single dad is, most definitely, a challenge it could be a roller coaster ride, but it can be an immensely one heck of an experience too.

If you are a single woman you’ve got too many things to deal with, from not only being a step mom/ friend to feeding cereals to his children. And after all these, you may still not get what you want from this relationship, because what matters to your man, first and foremost are his children! So, if you are dreaming of an awesome fairy tale with a happily ever after with a single dad, you might want to reconsider and think again because:

# 1. Children are his life.

His kids mean a lot to him, they’re irreplaceable, their science projects, their school parent’s teachers meeting matter to him. He may cancel all the plans he has made with you because of that because his kids are his world, his first priority.

# 2. Respecting both daddy and children.

His family is your family, you cannot escape from your duties. Accept him and his children whole heartedly! His kids are as good as your kids! Treat them good and win their love, remember you are family.

# 3. Ex! Comparisons! Never ending nightmares!

Of course there will be periods where he will remember his ex, the kids will think about their mum, you cannot escape this. This is the harsh reality. They may even compare you to their mum, and say you aren’t good enough like her. There’s no escaping this. Worst cases if their mum is alive, she may keep visiting the kids and meet their dad, and this may be disturbing to you as well.

# 4. This isn’t a fairy tale.

You’re no longer a teenager, don’t day dream, or have unrealistic fantasies. This will only ruin your relationship when these expectations aren’t met. Just be in the moment and enjoy being with each other.

# 5. Remember you’re no longer dating a teenager!

Don’t expect him to flirt with you and plan some romantic getaway or night outs. That’s a complete no no. He has the responsibility to put his kids to sleep, feed them, clean their potty and what not! So your relationship will be more like a mum dad relationship than the romantic boyfriend girlfriend types.

Pros: Immense patience, can keep his composure, knows how to make a relationship work.

Cons: Most dads would just want to date someone so that his kids will get a new mommy! So that he can share his responsibilities.

Make your choices wisely.