Master The Art of How To French Kiss A Girl Perfectly With These 10 Tips


Kissing is often in slow motion in the movies. It is quite dramatic on-screen and every frame set to perfection. Does it actually happen the same way in the movies when you try it in real life? Duh… No! However, you can practice how to French Kiss a girl perfectly.

Don’t be shy and kiss her like a pro. You no longer need to keep her happy with appetizers, when you can serve her a main course. Turn your lips irresistible by honing your kissing technique. And why do you ask? Cause it’s these small things that lead to big things, especially when you need to make an impression on your girl.

if you French Kiss a girl perfectly, she will definitely be interested in trying to find out how do you fair in bed. Thus, think of the bigger picture and seduce your woman with a mind-blowing French Kiss.

You have to make your conversations interesting to lead her to kissing and if everything goes right, you can be physically together. This transition is only possible if you improve your kissing techniques.

Without taking up much of your time, let’s have a look at how to kiss a girl perfectly.

The Perfect French Kiss

Kissing does not happen, you need to make it happen.

The following tips will help you give your girl the perfect French kiss.

#1. Time to Soften Your Lips

You need to keep your lips soft before you kiss. Use Vaseline or any lip balm to keep your lips soft and moist before you kiss your girl.

#2. Drink Some Water

If possible, drink a glass of water before you go for the kill. Water will help moisten parched lips as well as give a cool feel to the inside of your mouth.

#3. Get Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath can ruin the moment for you. Brush your teeth before you visit your love. Or maybe keep a mouth wash or mouth spray handy. Avoid eating onions, garlic or smelly foods before kiss your girl. In case you had extra onions in your burger, make sure you either drink water or gargle your mouth in the restroom before you attempt your French kiss.

#4. Find The Best Location to French Kiss

Take your girl to a beautiful location that is secluded and romantic. Take her to a garden or your car, or any safe semi-private location. You don’t want to be disturbed when French kissing your girl. Sitting in privacy will make sure you complete the whole act in one go without any interruptions.

#5. Build Up The Proximity

You need to build up a sexual tension before you French Kiss. Be close to her, touch her on appropriate places and create a lot of physical proximity. Kiss her on her cheeks; give her a quick kiss on her lips. You need to make sure you have all the potential to kiss her and she is equally excited.

#6. Keep The Smiles Up

No one likes to kiss a frowning face. You both need to maintain the smile on your lips and invite each other for a long smack. Joke around or praise her. This will bring a smile on her face and allow herself to go with the flow.

#7. What Are You Waiting For?

You have all the elements in place, so why waste more time? Quickly tilt your head to the side so that your noses don’t bump into each other. Now, gently squeeze the girl’s upper lip between your lips for a just a few seconds. Do the same with her lower lip. Continue to alternate between the two lips and build-up the tension.

After a few minutes playing with lips, it’s time for the tongue. Push your tongue between her lips and tilt your head more to the side. Open your mouth a bit more and use it to massage her lips. If she likes it, continue the good work.

When the pace hits a high note, push the tongue further in her mouth. Use it to massage her tongue. She will definitely reciprocate by massaging your tongue. Circle your tongue around her tongue slowly. Very gently and slowly, press your tongue against her tongue. Very softly tease and lick her lips with your tongue. Keep alternating sucking, massaging and teasing her with your mouth and tongue.

#8. Use Your Hands To Create a Sexual Static

When you are busy with your tongue, keep your hands worked up as well. Touch your partner’s hair, place on hand on her lower back. Gently squeeze her hip and run your hands up and down her body. If you find her sensitive part, make sure you continue to tease her. Cup her face in your hands, pull her towards you, and kiss her.

#9. Follow Her Lead

If she gets into the mood totally, she will take over and guide you through the kiss. Follow her lead and if she is ready, you can take things a bit far. The key is to flow with the magic of the moment.

#10. End it at the Right Time

If you are French kissing her for the first time, stop after a brief moment. You will get more chances to kiss her again, until then you need to keep her dying for more. Slowly and gently pull away from her (it’s difficult, but you have to).

Remember, be gentle and slow. It is far sexier than being faster. A French kiss is supposed to be a sensual kiss, keep it that way. This is all about how to French kiss a girl perfectly. Go with the flow and enjoy your lip lock session enjoyable.


  1. I have applied these techniques , my partner is really very happy with my French kiss. Love you I’m burning .
    Keep up the good work