50 Questions to Ask a Guy You Like Over Text


Being a lonely and single girl, I just dint feel like getting into a relationship and then analyzing was it worth or not! I wish there was an easy way to judge a guy you like for being confident on whether to go and try your luck out and simply run away giving an excuse!

There are so many people who get hooked over to a wrong relationship that is simply not meant for them and turns like a pain eventually with time. I have happen to jot down some amazing questions to ask a guy and making a flow chart…well not literally of his replies to see, if he is any worth or not!

Read through the top 50 question, you could ask the guy you like, judge him and them take appropriate decision for investing time on him or not…..

With all this in mind, I sat through with a pen and paper in my hands and jotted down some amazing questions to ask your guy and check if he carries any substance or not. Even if you would not get the perfect answer, at least you would get to check the chemistry between you both and then decide accordingly!

You could start with some basic questions and then jump to analyze his thought towards you. Men love and live, but there are guys always horny and ready for sex, so this is the perfect way to judge, if you’re with a genuine guy who is turned on by you, or you’re trying to date a pervert!

#1. So, what’s on your mind and body right now?

#2. What happens when you think about us together?

#3. What do you like the best in me?

#4. When were you the most nervous before we talked?

#5. Why were your parents shocked because of you?

#6. What videos make you laugh out the most?

#7. Say a lame joke of your choice.

#8. What do you think about “us”?

#9. Guess what Am I wearing right now?

#10. Are you holding on to something?

#11. Are you getting hot?

#12. What would you like to do to me?

#13. Send me a text that is hardcore sexy!

#14. What would you like me to do to you?

#15. What is the most secret thing you do in your room?

#16. Would you like on the beach, a movie hall or in the bedroom?

#17. Do you watch Porn?

#18. What food gets you horny with its flavor or fragrance?

#19. You and me together, what would you do first?

#20. Romance or sex?

#21. Would you like me to give you a blowjob?

#22. Are you a virgin?

#23. Do you think I am a virgin?

#24. What would you do to turn me on?

#25. Would you dance naked for me?

#26. I’m naked and all yours, what would be your first move?

#27. Do you like a group sex?

#28. How many times a week do you fly solo?

#29. How would you if your girl is satisfied or not?

#30. Would you suck my pussy?

#31. Do you know how to figure the G-spot out?

#32. What do you think about my booty?

#33. What do I wear If I wanna look sexy?

#34. I don’t wanna wear anything right now, are you hard?

#35. Have you ever thought about an older woman before?

#36. Do you booze?

#37. Do you smoke?

#38. I love having Sex while smoking, you like it?

#39. What do you think about a smoking fetish?

#40. Are you alone at this moment and turned on?

#41. Do you watch porn?

#42. Would you like making out in a group?

#43. I want you to cum on my face, would you do it?

#44. What attracts you in me?

#45. Say something about my eyes!

#46. How would you initiate sex?

#47. Have you ever made out in a car?

#48. Do you find me sexy?

#49. Guess my size?

#50. Bras or no bras?

Based upon the way you guys answers all these pepped up and sexy questionnaire, you might as well would be in a better position to decide whether this is a guy with some substance or is he juts a geek sorts!

I have tried this couple of times and trust me it works like magic. This shall be outlined as per the way he responds to all these questions you ask him over text messages. Being in a digital wave, this time has become easier for people to talk and present their hearts out. So, come on, take the advantage of this and find that perfect man of your dreams who would love you to the core and also take care of all your needs on bed!

Well no matter this sounds like a dream, juts try following these aforementioned questions to see how it all ends up!