How Sex Can Be Used to Control Stress and Manage Good Health


Are you getting stressed out lately? Whatever reason it is, don’t let that stress to overpower you. If it is your work, you can find other ways to get away from getting stressed out. Perhaps, you need a little or let’s make it more time to unwind and relax. It should be something that your heart, mind, and body desire – like having one hot night with your partner? But wait, will it be possible to make love even if you are stressed-out?

Sex and Stress Management

Believe it or not, there is a special connection between stress and sex. Both of them are interlinked with each other, which explains why too much of one can affect the other one and vice versa. While everyone has instinctively known the stressful week of work and put that gap in your sex drive, don’t worry. While stress affects your libido, did you know that you can manage it by having sex? Yes, you read it right; sex is like the most effective stress reliever that you should have. Well, if it still sounds unconvincing to your ears, here are things, backed up by research that will say it is what it is:

  • Good mood, good sex, and vice versa – a study conducted by the Arizona State University participated by middle-aged women, found that sexual behavior or physical affection towards the partner can significantly lower the levels of stress and negative mood. Also, it allows that person to have a higher positive mood the next day. This shows that the sex-stress management connection had worked in both ways; sex had led you to feel less stress, and of course, being less stressed will lead to more and enjoyable sex.
  • Sex lessens stress response – another study was conducted still around the concept of sex and stress. This time it looked into women’s cortisol levels and heart rate as a way to measure their stress response. It was found out that women show lesser stress response after sex or a positive physical contact with their partner. It was also found out that emotional support alone was not enough to lower the stress response. This means that the ‘positive physical contract’ works best to be relieved from stress.
  • Health and Orgasm – do you agree that sex can be a perfect type of relaxation? Reaching orgasms during sex will not just benefit you in getting relieved from stress, but it is beneficial to your overall health. Orgasms can relax one’s mind and body. This type of relaxation releases feel-good hormones that can be of great support to you emotionally and to your overall wellness.

Scientific findings also reveal that sex have great components essential for stress management. Aside from it relieves your mind from worries for a while; it also provides good emotional support, deep breathing, loving sense of touch, and physical workout. That is how effective and beneficial sex can be to one’s stressful life. However, we can’t still deny the fact that there are other people who suffer from low libido because of stress. Well, with a bit of good intention and a little effort, you can still get in the mood and enjoy each other’s company through a hot sex.