Does it Really Feel Better to have Sex After You get Drunk ?


I had planned a surprise date night with John sometime ago, it was in some Mediterranean restaurant. The ambience was amazing, there were candles all over and the mood was set in. slowly we began having cocktails from mojito to sangrias. We enjoyed talking sweet things and enjoyed the food and in no time we were high.

We walked back home soon afterwards and John and I were in the “mood”.  Yes, I started giving away signs which made him understand that I was ready to take him inside me. He slowly came from behind and slid his hand under my shirt and started caressing my breasts. He started playing with my nipples and slowly slid his hand inside my pant and went down and started playing around my pink lips. My pants fell off, my heart beat pumped up and I started sweating. I could feel his bulge over my body as he slowly came in to bite my lips. Holding my breast in his hand he slowly penetrated me from behind. We were horny as hell and we made love, crazy love which was quick and dirty. Panting like a pig, he finally came and we were covered in sweat. I noticed cum dripping through my sweet spot as I slid on my pants back. He pulled me back to bed and cuddled me until I slept off.

I smiled as I fell asleep, I thought I had found my one true love that night. I woke up early around 5 and I was surprised to see that John had left. Not a single message or a note! Alas! Did he just dump me? Does he even remember what happened last night? Let me call him up anyway and check what’s up with him. I guess I am in love with him.

Me: Hey! John!

John: Hey…


Me: You know last night, it was beautiful.

John: Great date night Sarah!

Me: It was my first time and I enjoyed every bit of it.

John: What? What are you even talking about?

Me: Like you don’t remember?

John: Nope! I was too drunk to even remember anything! Great dinner btw, I was running late for office and I had to leave early.

Me: Really? That’s great! I am glad you enjoyed it. Have fun. Bye.

Argh, I felt bad. You understand what just happened? The sex was awesome but things are ruined! John doesn’t remember what has happened.

So sex is not necessarily better if you get drunk or if you get high! In fact it only tends to open one up more and it could probably ruin your enjoyment of having sex because you’re too high to remember what happened!

Point #1: So how does alcohol affect your body?

You feel more relaxed, more confident and you open up easily.

It acts as a social lubricant.

Trust me John and I would never have got into each other’s pants and made crazy love if we weren’t drunk! It’s a win-win if you’re going to be happy about making love to each other. On the contrary it could be horrific if you’re not going to be in your senses, not remember what happened and have a guilty aftermath.

Point #2: What impact does alcohol have on your body when you have sex?

You might have some difficulty to get turned on.

There may be difficulty for guys to get an erection.

Men and women may find it hard to reach an orgasm. However few women have claimed that they felt awesome to have sex when they were drunk because it let them ease the pain off during the penetration and thus they were able to have awesome sex. The downfall being no one will be prepared to have sex, which could lead to unwanted pregnancies. I would suggest maybe one must plan, get drunk and then have sex! Winks.

Point #3: So what’s right if you want to have a drink as well as sex?

Ah what about some mind blowing sex when you’re so high that you can barely walk and your SO just lifts you and walks you across the room and makes love to you? Sexy isn’t it?I would suggest one must drink in limits so that they stay sober and are able to make wise decisions and also understand that they’re about to have sex. This way there won’t be any unnecessary guilt feeling and both of you can have great sex with each other’s consent. It’s fun to get drunk and have sex!

Point #4: Who do you drink with?

Bloody mary walked inside,

Pina colada followed..

Mojito in our glasses,

We rested by the blue lagoon..

Trying to overcome melancholy,

We wanted some more.

Martini and margarita danced to the tunes,

Sangria enjoyed the sight.

One , two , three..

Shots of tequila got the lone stars close.

Pop , fizz, clink..

Raspberry rum was poured.

Mimosa started the karaoke machine,

together they sang black dog!

It was a lovely Friday night in Manhattan..

Wine set the mood!

Sangria was bit old fashioned,

her smile was like tequila sunrise

In his black Russian suit,

Tom Collins went down on his knees..

and popped the question!

Will you be the gin to my tonic?

Haha that’s how John proposed to me! Drinking with the right people can open up your life and it could make you feel awesome. Who knows your SO might even propose to you like how John did to me.

Point #5: Are you comfortable?

Please keep in mind that though the act of making love is beautiful it also opens up many other windows to sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and so on. Know your rights and be careful about your body. Don’t abuse it with the wrong usage of drugs and alcohol. If you feel you’re insecure and someone might end up getting into your pants then make a quite move and head home for safety.

Sex is amazing, the feeling of reaching your orgasm is inexplicable. I personally feel that one must be in their senses while they have sex and remember every bit of it. Getting high and having sex is a different feeling which could turn out to be a nice surprise if you do it for the first time with your lover or a nightmare if you do it with a random person.