10 Incredible Reasons Why Men Prefer Older Women In The Bedroom


Bored of the girls within your age pool? Do you find yourself attracted to an older woman? A cougar? Studies have found women reach their sexual epitome in the peak of their life.

Thus, getting attracted to a woman in her 30s or 40s will definitely lead to an extraordinary fulfilling sexual life for a young man. Let us have a look at 10 incredible reasons why men prefer older women in the bedroom.

Wondering Why Younger Men Like Older Women?

Many young men worry their cougars will worry about being compared to younger women. They wonder why the cougar would even think of being compared as he has already done his share of R&D. He has definitely found girls of his age quite boring and too much to handle. The younger mate has found the older woman to be sexy, hot and intriguing. A word for the ladies – Just enjoy your relationship till it lasts and spice up your sex life with a younger man.

What Makes Sex With Older Women Interesting?

Here are the top 10 reasons that will explain the excitement younger men have when getting intimate with an older partner or a cougar.

#1.  The Guy is Attracted to Experience

Younger women tend to be inexperienced. They tend to be unintelligent in a guy’s point of view and may sound quite boring. These young women are more into a long-term relationship and may even start thinking of marriage once you both get cozy. On the other hand, she may still be trying out the type of men she wants to settle down. Thus, confusing the young men as to what she really needs. In case of an older woman, she has had her fair share of relationships or even a marriage. She knows her desires and can easily communicate them in their bedroom encounters.

#2.  Older Women Have Better Sexual Confidence

Older women are experienced in the sex part. They know what they like and even better, they know what their partner will love in bed. In case of a younger woman, she is still not sure of her sexual potential and is just like the younger man, trying things out on a trial and error bases. The sex with older woman will definitely be a better experience for many young lads.

#3.  Sexual Intimacy Becomes More Fulfilling

A sexual encounter with an older woman gets the best out of a younger man. She can guide him through his peaks as well as reach her height of orgasms naturally. Thus, making the sexual encounter more fulfilling and satisfying.

#4.  A Cougar would Love to Explore More

She has done this and done that. The cougar wants to know more about the different ways of getting a sexual high. As she is experienced, she is more ready to try out new styles and push more buttons to challenge her young pet to keep the sex more liveliy.

#5.  Older Women are Masters of Communication

She knows what she wants. Period. And she won’t keep mum about it. Unlike a younger woman who is more fearful of appearing like a ‘whore’ in bed, an older woman will not shy away from trying new things and new maneuvers in bed.

#6.  An Older Woman Will Make You a Better Man

You may have your share of sexual experiences. However, sex with an older woman will definitely stir up all your prior experiences. You will learn to master your art with more precision. If you ever end it with an older woman, you will have the best experience to show off to another woman young or old in bed.

#7.  She Pushes You to Think Out of The Box

Missionary position! That’s old school. Doggie style! Are you serious? An older woman will help you learn new methods and new moves that makes you reach the height of your sexual life. I mean, she will arm you with a different skill set that will always come in handy.

#8.  Cougars Conjure Up the Fantasy of a Young Mind

Older women have the reign of the sheets in their hands, but allow you to steer the carriage your way. They do not hesitate when the man controls them, but will know when to pull the plug and let the intimate spark remain bright.

#9.  She Has Nothing to Lose in a Cougar Relationship

She is looking for some excitement in her life rather than go in for a long, stable relationship. She may be already divorced and is enjoying her share of relationships. Thus, she won’t blackmail the young men in making a serious long-term relationship and will understand when it’s time to move on.

#10.  Women Age Gracefully

The charming smile of a mature lady. Oh, doesn’t it make your heart skip a bear? Women age elegantly and even with their wrinkles and fine lines they remain charming enough to keep the excitement alive in your bed.

As you can see, a cougar turns into your teacher in bed. She makes your wildest fantasies come true. You both reach the height of your sexual potential together, making the relationship (while it lasts) one of the most memorable sexual encounters you will ever have.