Should One Change themselves for their Partners Wish?


A healthy relationship doesn’t require one to love each and everything about your partner. It simply means that you love a great deal about them and you’re ok to compromise and adjust with the rest. People often tell that when you love someone you let them be themselves, but it often doesn’t work that way.

I would say that a relationship is all based on compromises and adjustments.

We are social beings who have desire, the competition to be better than our peers, constant winning attitude and much more.

So these changes we wish to see in our partner could be a harmless tiny change or it could be some unrealistic demands!

How’d you define that thin line where you’re okay to adjust and change yourself for your partner’s sake?

#1. Understanding

Emerson said:

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections!”

You got to step into each other’s shoes, try and understand the situation and then make a decision based on that. A relationship is not a single sided journey, it involves two people who want to be together no matter what, and it’s a handshake between two people.

#2. Perspective

It’s all about perspective, things may seem wrong at first when your partner tries to tell their opinion, don’t react, instead take some time off, analyze the situation and then respond.

Say for example your partner may ask you cut your long hair short!

Don’t just lose your temper and vent it out. Instead ask him why he would want that, talk it out to him about how much your hair means to you. In the end ensure one of you get convinced, don’t leave the matter open, because these tiny unsettled matter become a huge problem in the long run.

#3. Communication is the key!

Learn to voice your opinion. A relationship works well when there’s communication. Don’t expect a magic to happen or some third person to come and resolve your situation. If something your partner asks for seems impossible and ticks you off, just stay away for some time until you feel normal and then think and analyze the situation, because after all you love your partner and you wouldn’t want to hurt them by talking out of anger.

#4. Its two way!

Of course keep in mind that you’re not the only one who’s changing himself/herself for the sake of the relationship. A relationship is like cha-cha, a dance form: when one steps ahead, the other steps backward to maintain balance, only then it’ll appear beautiful.

Don’t expect only one person to give their full commitment to the relationship whilst the other person only demands unrealistic things. Nope, it doesn’t work this way, ensure both of you genuinely work towards your relationship and both of you are willing to change for the better, a change which will do well to you is a good change. There’s no harm in making your partner happy by bringing in a good change, because at the end of the day what matters is how happy you both are together which will in turn lead to a long lasting happy relationship.

#5. Remember

Adjust, change and compromise when needed to keep your relationship happy. Love is a choice you make, every day to be with the person no matter what and if you find yourself resenting every time you decide to love them for their faults then its time you need to move on with your love life.