The Traveler: Emma – Who Would Charm You for Your Confessions


Emma had a good life, a fulfilling career, a job that was nothing less than a dream, great friends around and a life certainly gratifying.

However she started feeling suffocated, for she was one out of the box creation that was just not meant for an ideal set up of life. She craved for travelling to anonymous places, meeting new people, may be have a fee new alliances, enjoy the multiplicity and the deviation of this life she lived.

Intense eyes, a blossom personality and features, stunning enough to charm the hell out of you, this girl truly knew her strong areas and managed to be quite a heartthrob everywhere she went. It’s not like she feared love, but she wasn’t really meant for one person, one place or one relationship. Although this certainly didn’t make her a bad person at all! She made sure to discuss about her temperament and desires from her life to all her loved ones around.

Emma was a girl just like the wind, you might feel her presence, but you would never be able to trap her or hold her longer. This curiosity and need of diversity in life, took Emma to various cities, she kept wandering to explore the beauty and the charisma each city certified. She loved this transformation and variety in her life that made her explore the best about the world, meet new people, make new friends and get into new relationships.

You might think of her being an addict or a crazy freak, but this is what she was and loved doing. This actually defined her better than her name, her qualifications and her abilities. This diversity she carried was the charm about Emma that made people get attracted to her personality, while the looks played as an equal add-on!

So, every time she travelled to a new city, she would record her instances, the people she met and one weird aspect of her was that she developed a habit of noting down a confession, so personal and intense in her notebook.

Now that you would give a glance over her notes, you’d certainly be amazed and astounded by this girl’s magnetism that she would attract people to actually confess things kept under wraps to this person, who is every bit of a stranger to them!

Call it magic or call it charm, Emma managed talking to the various people of different backgrounds, cities, profession and set ups. They would all open up to her and talk about some secret confessions they had been hiding from everyone else closer to them.

So, let us dig deeper to get a hold of some of Emma’s recent writings and take a look at some really horny, raunchy and interesting confessions! All we need to take care is that we must be away from Emma’s eyes!!!

A little table beside Emma’s bed, juts closer to the reclining couch, we could figure out the some loose sheets tucked carelessly in to a note pad that had by this time become more than double of its size. We happened to flip through those sheets, while we came across some absolutely stimulating confessions, this girl had potted:

*Brad- The confessions of a serial kisser

Not how intriguing can a kiss be? This confession was made by Brad, guy who met Emma on the way to Hawaii. He had been to various places, across the globe, looking for that one pure and crimson kiss. He has been kissing mildly attractive women, but has so far failed to find the one he has been dreaming of! Now this can get really crazy, we couldn’t really believe our eyes, reading for a person who travelled the world, kissing chicks to find the lady of his dreams!

*Julie and her orgasm confessions

Julie was a wonderful curvy woman and a mum of two adorable kids. She wrote about having the perfect orgasm after giving birth to two of her children and it was certainly not her husband. She confessed about feeling loved with her girlfriend. So, was shocking enough that a woman could actually realize being a lesbian even after childbirths. Different people and their diverse lives. Emma was equally speechless here, looks like she drew a confused emoji here!

*Wanda and her sex confessions

Wanda had been married for the last two years. She shared an awfully personal confession with Emma. She spoke about the night she and her boss covered her husband with just four holes on the face. Two of them could help him peep out and the rest helped to give him the air to breathe. We had no clue where this was going, but as we read on, we were shocked with exasperation. This woman confessed to love her husband a lot and in order to stimulate him, she made love to her boss, in her husband’s presence and he loves her even more!

*Best love at first sight confessions

This had been the sweetest confessions written in Emma’s notes. One of them was for Elma, who shared her love at first sight confession with the man of her dreams who is indeed her now husband. They have been married for the last 9 years and similarly in love with each other, with a doubt. They met at a dinner party and just a gaze in each other’s eyes, made everything around come to a halt!

*Shocking Sex confessions

This was a shocking or a rather embarrassing confession made by Samia. She spoke about using her toyz in the bath and then after using and washing them, left them upon the racks to dry. This was a day had come over and her mum just came to the dining hall, asking Samia to better clean the stuff in her bath!!! OMG

*Men confess for their hottest night

Justin spoke about the impact of great sex on a man’s mind. He spoke about in genera men actually do remember and fantasize the greatest sex episodes always. Justin told Emma about the hottest experience he ever had with his wife was at a restaurant, where she began teasing him until they get back home. But he could really take up the pressure and exploded, having the hottest sex in the car parked in the parking lot.

*Confessions of single and sex starved people

Dianne had been in her early thirties, intelligent, smart, creative and a successful working woman. She has seen most of her friends getting married and giving up careers, which she certainly never could have. Life and days kept passing by until she became successful, yet lonely. She started feeling jealous of her friends locked in their partner’s arms and she hated the fact of being single now and damn she starved sex like anything.

*Confessions of parents about life after a baby

On the way to the city, Emma met this awesome and lovely couple who spoke to him about their sexless marriage, endless sleepless nights and everything around that changed after they had their baby. Sounds easy to read, but actually lives changes, you change individually and as a couple of course.

*Confessions of a womanizer

This was a crazy confession by Roy and his tempting and alluring looks that made it all the more easier to socialize and then bed women. He spoke about how much of a never ending task it had become for him and the way he graciously seduced and brought his ladies over to his bed. He spoke about playing the mind game with the woman he found attractive, fake relations, lie about love and so much more, until he became a dad to a little angel, who would be a beautiful woman one day.