5 Types of Secret Intimate Relationships


Secrecy in relationships is inevitable. Once a relationship kept under the wraps gives you that awesome kick, thrill and excitement one certainly starts feeling mysteriously well.

You do all and put in a lot of time and focus upon these relationships too, however due to some odd reason or the other, they are supposedly made to stay secret and hidden away from the limelight of the society.

How to know you are in a secret relationship?

Love anyways is a speech of freedom as well as a choice. It gives you the exceptional opportunity to be with the one you think is made for you. Love is never planned so you end up eventually exploring so many paths undiscovered and embark on a beautiful and new journey called life.  But when your love takes over hiding and avoiding your togetherness in public, this mostly is a secret relationship.

Such secrecy in relationships is often kept behind closed doors as they fear rejection and are scared to be unapproved by the others in the society.

Who all keep secret relationships?

Well, as we all know that a human is a social animal and loves being involved with people and works hard towards exploring better aspects to being peace and harmony in life. There are a lot of relationships that are kept under the wraps, for the fear of rejection and acceptance in the society.

Let us discuss a few of such secret relationships that are hidden and lack societal approvals:

#1. Boss and employee

Most tops bosses love keeping an eye over their charming employees and visa-versa, the people working under them get a great opportunity to explore growth prospects better, being close to their leaders. They share intimacy and like spending time with each other, however such relations are never given acceptance, are highly temporary and are never get recognized as they are literally formed for selfish reasons and keep changing on the go.

Most employees consider spending some lovey-dovey time with their bosses to help them grow in their jobs and make a better career. The moment the career moves change, such relations either end or change.

#2. Teacher-Student

A child goes through puberty while studying in schools or collages. This is a weak time, wherein sexual desires erupt and explode like never before. This is the time when many of them get into an affair with their own teachers. They form a relationship out of innocence and at times lack of an insight. On the other hand, the teachers just enjoy the heat of the time and nothing more comes in such relationships. They have no future, there is a huge age gap and also you simply cannot discuss them with anyone. Such are one secret relationship, people frequently get into. Life moves on and things change, rather quickly as a student life is rather very fast and moves ahead within short times.

#3. The nagging boyfriend relationship

There are a few relationships that take ages to reach a final stage like marriage or get recognized by families and friends. There are a few people who might just take advantage of you, claim to love but never get the courage to come out and make it public. Such relations either die a death due to no commitment or rather keep lingering on until you finally say the word ‘quit’.

#4. An extra marital affair

No matter what, getting into a relation outside marriage is always exciting, beautiful, charming and entices you towards it. Marriage on the other hand is an arrangement that requires many sacrifices and adjustments. It tends to get boring, compulsive and lack that fume. However an extra marital affair is never secure enough to cover up a marriage. It tends to move with all the spices and hot flavors, but can you ever get a social respect out of it?

Well know. There are people who head towards an extra marital affair, considering the hot sex, steamy talks and much more. But at the end of the day, this sort of a secret relationship mostly remains confined to the rooms.

#5. Breakup is always easier in secret relationships

There are many people who juggle each day to make their affairs work. They put in a lot of efforts and consider working towards making their relationship work. But in case there is no commitment from the other end, things might not get to the point they are supposed to. The next person involved might keep it hidden for easier breakups! As simple as that!

Secret relations usually become a bigger problem that they actually are, as love emotions, time and so much more is being invested, and does pains when all goes in vain and you return back home, with almost nothing in hands!

So, better think about it!