10 Freaking Things to Do When You are Depressed


Depression or anxiety are two aspects most of us face, one point or the other in our lives. Especially talking about the fast paced life, we all are leading at the moment, we deal with a lot of extra stress and there can be times, we might not be able to handle all of it together.

There are many ways we can deal with such situations; however it takes a brave heart to recognize all of this and lead towards taking up options that make our lives better. There could be many stressful events happening at work or you may choke your relationships with your ego or typically anything rather that could make you freeze where ever you are, quite literally and make you step down to depression and make you anxious about life.

But, you know what; it’s your life, so step up and take control of it. Make sure to indulge into things that make you happier, take your own decisions and enjoy the life to the fullest no matter what. People, money, opportunities come and go from your life, remain to be the center of attraction and get that hold, tight on your own life. Once you are sure about this, there is nothing that would ever come in your way towards happiness and triumph.

Read on to some crazy stuff you must try to step out of this crazy and so called depression!

#1.  Take it easy; don’t give yourself a hard time

We know life is tough and very competitive. But chillax! You, can only make your life successful, and no one else. So you are the main part of your story, so better focus! Whenever you feel low, just focus on the best aspects in your life and recognize the good in you. You don’t need approvals from others; let your hard work and your talent speak. Stop putting yourself down for things you are not responsible for or are out of your reach. You are no superman, and we know it!

#2.  Move your body

The best way to overcome any sort of a depression is to opt for a physical activity. Indulge into a dance form, take up swimming or just hit the gym. A physical activity would keep you on the move, keep you fit and also burn those extra calories along with the negativity.

#3.  Keep a good company

You become your company. So make sure you stay close with your friends and family. They are the best medication to treat your depression. Love them, laugh with them and just forget anything that went bad with you. At times ears to hear you out, helps in making you feel much better.

#4.  Laugh it out

This always works, but we usually overlook its importance. This is one life you have got, why be serious about it! The phase you are going through might be far better than any other who might be feeling even worse than you. Watch a comic film or a tele series, cartoon is nothing bad or so somewhere with your gang and laugh and point out others, laughing your heart out.

#5.  Take care of your health

Depression triggers even when your body is internally unhealed. So make sure to count in the required vitamins and minerals in your diet regularly in order to make you feel good, internally. At times, when the body is weal and unhealthy, you tend to feel bad, weak and worn out. Vitamin D, DHA, Vit C, minimize your struggle with depression.

#6.  Practice breathing

It important to take deep breaths and open up the clogged air passages to make way for oxygen to pass through your body and brain. This necessarily makes you feel better, happier and fitter. Once you start focusing on the breathing techniques, you tend to get rid of the negative thoughts and disturbing aspects of your life.

#7.  Roll in excitement in your life

You might not think of it at the moment. But monotony and boredom in life always tends to bring in depression and anxiety in life. Do something spicy enough to being in innovation, excitement and some hotness in your life. This could be anything to pull you out of a boring routine. Gift yourself with a new something; spend in makeup, get a new haircut, get into a relationship, plan a holiday and what not!

#8.  Take a break

You are no supernatural force, so take it easy! Get some work outsourced at work; hire someone to do the chores at home. Get your work done, while you can take a break and relax, unwind and un-clutter. This really helps, while the work would just not pile on!

#9.  Take in easy on carbs and sugar

We are so used to having carbs in each meal of the day, along with sweet temptations. But when we don’t have the time to burn those extra calories off, they keep piling inside and make our digestion along with the body’s system sluggish and slow. This certainly increases the depression, as our bodies are an extension to your moods, without a doubt.

#10.  Pet an animal

Like they always say, pets are the greatest pals. Bring home happiness in a basket full of joy in a form of a doggy, a kitten, fish or anything you like. Spending time with them, taking care of them, grooming them would certainly make you and your home a happier place to live, certainly!