Never Make These 5 Mistakes on Facebook to Woo a Girl


You can’t start a conversation by sending a typical “Hi” to your crush. She will probably look at the message and ignore it.

Even if you manage to get a reply back from her, you have to take care that you don’t commit few mistakes which a guy commonly does over social networking sites or while texting. Here are few mistakes a guy does when he texts a girl.

#1.   Over thinking and over analyzing text messages.

Please remember that text messages are for fun over social media and you don’t have to take them very seriously and break your head over some matter.

What you talk in person carries more weightage than what you talk over messengers. So if you feel something is wrong, just meet them personally than ponder unnecessarily.

#2.   Quit wondering why she isn’t texting you back.

Take a break and see what have you texted her and why she hasn’t sent a reply. Maybe she isn’t comfortable enough with you or she feels you’re a creep and you’re just wasting time loafing around. The matter could be anything.

So find out if you have built a good rapport with her and if you know her personally before you actually go ahead and ping her on social media messengers.

#3.   Stop appearing needy and predictable.

If you ping a girl every day and send lame jokes and keep laughing using “LOL” for everything or constantly ask her if she would like to meet up, trust me she’s only going to shoo you away. This shows that you’re needy and there are high chances that you’ll be placed in that cozy friend zone. So stop appearing needy and don’t text her constantly all the time!

She would have heard all those sweet talks from another man before. “Wats up babe” and
“Hi, my darling” isn’t going to work anymore! This is called as being predictable. Throw in some uniqueness, bring in your own twist, call her out, send texts that are way more exciting so that she smiles when your name pops up and doesn’t “sigh” instead.

#4.   Don’t bombard questions and don’t ignore her.

This isn’t an interview! Don’t keep pinging her asking if she had coffee, tea, dinner or how her day was. You don’t care about it anyways right? Instead talk about things which are quite interesting and build a good conversation. Get connected on the mental level by talking about atoms and star dust instead of the random small talks.

Sometimes guys may forget to leave a reply back to the girl and send her a text after ages. By this time she’d have only lost interest in you and she’d have found someone more interesting and better. There are high chances she will even forget you if you ignore her or forget to respond back to her. So keep your friendship alive in her mind by texting / responding whenever required.

#5.   There’s no humor.

Women love being with someone who would make them laugh. That doesn’t mean that you have to crack lame jokes and appear like a nut job to her! Instead talk to her about all the funny stuff you’ve come across and send photos which are funny so that she will have a hearty laugh.

If you can make her laugh then you’re halfway there in building a great relationship.

So that’s it folks. Now that you know about all the mistakes men make while they text a girl over social network, be careful and ensure you don’t make these mistakes! Texting a girl isn’t that difficult, just be sure to send a positive vibe to her! The game of texting is pretty simple and straightforward, just ensure that you’ve built a good strong foundation of friendship and a very good mental rapport with the girl, personally.