Do you ever wonder how to be the Girl a guy wants? Smart, Sexy, Sassy?

sexy girl

Sometimes my boyfriend loves to see me appear all nerdy with my glasses on and sometimes he wants me to appear raunchy. And hey it doesn’t end here!

Looks do matter! But what if you appear all sexy and you’re not at all interesting to your man? It’s a game of hearts, the right permutations and combinations between dressing beautifully and being smart will win the game!

How’d you know what kind of appearance a boy would love to watch you in?

Would a football freak boyfriend love you in a jersey supporting his team?  Or your badass boyfriend would love you in a very traditional attire?

Here are few tips for being the girl your man wants!
But please keep in mind that intelligence is sexy, these extra tips however is like an icing on a cake will help you win your man!

Here’s how:


Find what kind of guy you’ve chosen: The bad guy, the chocolaty guy, the smart ass, the manly guy, the sweet guy and so on. Understand your taste and choose wisely, then we can go ahead and see how we can attract them.


Find out what is your type and try to find out the common themes and characteristics. You would find it sexy to discuss about your wild fantasies with the bad guy and not with the guy next door.

The point is when you know what kind of guy you are looking for, you have to find out what would turn them on and dress and act accordingly.


Now you know your type and what he wants, it’s time to pump up your attitude and make yourself interesting. Find out if a hot red lipstick will turn him on or a cool Arsenal jersey will do the work for ya! Either ways don’t sacrifice your personality, just be yourself!


Make yourself interesting. Be unique, be weird.  Nothing is more beautiful than being comfortable in your own skin, this will have a huge positive impact on him and he will love you for what you are. Don’t copy someone, if you’re a huge metal fan so be it! You needn’t have to fake something you are not.


Be polite. Ensure you flirt in a gentle manner, don’t make inappropriate comments or statements. Try to portray yourself as a smart, sensitive woman. Once you get into a relationship you can engage in playful flirting.


Don’t blabber everything about yourself. Let there be some sort of mystery about yourself. You needn’t have to lie about yourself, instead leave some mystery by telling him you’ll talk about it some other time. This way he will be keen on knowing more about you and it won’t get boring.


Don’t be available all the time, let him miss you. That way when you actually meet up again, you’ll feel heaven on earth. Don’t give away too easily, let him try to impress you and win your heart.