Why A Weak Man Can’t Love A Strong Woman?

why A Weak Man Can't Love A Strong Woman

To be very honest, you would have thought about it before, but as love happens just like a thundering in the sky or a blink of the eye, there are things that are way beyond your control and love is certainly one of them. But if you are a week man, and the lady of your dreams carries a way too strong personality, what would you guys do together?

A weak man can’t love a strong woman.

This has been an evident say that has been repeating its substance and precision since decades now. There are many guys out there who would fall in love with pretty girls every now and then. However they do not realize the flip side of the coin that it is really not essential that she would love you back, for various reasons, let’s say. However when a man is weak inside, he fails to understand the opinion behind the same and doesn’t realize that moving on would be the best approach to deal with such a situation.

If in case you are glued upon a strong woman, no matter what you do, in order to impress her or win her over, this task would be actually tougher than it actually seems. A strong woman always follows her own heart and mind, while there is substantially nothing that could make her change her mind and seriously, weaker men fail to recognize and acknowledge this fact.

So what do they end up doing?

They actually mess it all up even more. We’ve been hearing about many men who keep chasing…yes that is actually the best word that describes these men who keep lingering around strong women in order to take care of her, appreciate her, help her out and after a lot of hard work and dedication, she might get ready to take a chance, but then what?

Would a weak man be able to handle her independent prowess?

It is very simple that a woman can fall for any man within a fraction of seconds and this would be completely natural of her, no matter what. But right after saying “you do”, the real deal comes in picture and then there are heaps of stuff to be handled and dealt within the both of you. It is certainly no rocket science to admit that humans tend to get attracted towards things, attitudes and personalities beyond their scope. But what they fail to realize it that is takes a lot hard work, dedication and motivation to change for someone, even if it’s a love thing we’re talking about.

So, again the same and imperative problem crops up saying that A weak man can’t love a strong woman.

It simply won’t be untrue to quote that weak men chase woman who are typically out of their capacity. There is attraction to begin with, while it becomes a chase that typically changes into an obsession to get her. This is a sure shot sign of a weak man, no matter what!

If a man is strong enough, smart and intelligent to understand the difference between him and the other lady, he would certainly step back, so that none of them are hurt or upset in a relationship which is anyways meant to bring two souls closer to each other to attain togetherness, love and happiness.

However on the other hand, a real man would let go all of his will in order to win that lady of his dreams and get her in his life.

It is always said and believed that our mind is a complex organ and it can make us see things that don’t really exist. Love is nothing less than a hallucination of similar thoughts. Weaker men tend to see things as they want to, and by doing so, they go even far from the facts and the reality behind life.

Only a weak man would force a strong woman to fall in love with him, without thinking about the repercussions.

It is quite common for weak men to stop visualizing the future. They fail to understand that a strong woman begins exactly where he typically ends. This often leads to arguments, insecurities, possessiveness, fear and all of this without doubt leave a negative impact on a relationship, making it appear bitter and of course shattered.

It is high time for weak men to realize their hollows and prepare to come out of them. They actually need to come out of this vicious circle of insecurities they have trapped themselves in for long. Once you become stronger, have courage and be kind to the one you love, there is absolutely nothing that can ever crop between the two of you.

A weak man can get it all and then let all of it slip away in mere seconds!

One of the most visible aspects of being with a weak man is his urge to change you. We have been seeing on and off since years now that each time there is a strong woman who gets in the wrong trap of a weak man, she is expected to change. This change is demanded everywhere over time. It begins with choosing a sensible friend circle to wearing clothes sensibly, like all these years these women had never lived. A weak man would eventually win over the woman of his dreams, but then he will never be able to handle her independence and this is certainly a huge gap that needs a serious thought.

We have been seeing at work, in relations, families almost everywhere its always that a strong woman needs to mellow down, is made to change her thoughts and her conduct towards the various aspects of life. Please don’t quote us to be a feminist or something. A change taken up willingly is always soothing and pleasant, however if you are forced or convinced into it, that is exactly where you are shattered from within and walking out seems easier than actually going through all of this every day.

Ideally it is wrong and incorrect right from the beginning to be associated with a man who is weak enough to change the woman of his dreams. It is completely out of his spoke to understand and release the spark in her and let her shine. It actually takes a brave soul to see her woman stand out in the crowd, excel, become successful and shine brighter than him.

The same question is back again that begs for an answer…… A weak man can’t love a strong woman!!!

With everything said and done, I wonder upon another thread of thought wavering in my mind that what is it exactly that makes a weak man fall in love with a strong woman, after all?

I mean there is no doubt that he would have understood her conduct as well as her attitude towards life. He must be aware of her independent and strong nature, her professional goals and her achievements well enough. Then why does he being weak, typically falls for her?

Well the answer for this is still in the making and so much untold even now. On the other hand a strong woman must by all means get hooked over to like-minded men, who have made it large in life, are successful, understand the importance of a profession, respect you for who you are and then love you unconditionally.

Each strong woman should rather realize her worth and never give away her persona for anything in life. For the major reasons that an unhappy woman would never be able to bring up and create a happy home and a happy life. Similarly a weak man should rather stay in his own confines and look for a match suitable for him, considering his patience and allowance for his soul-mate and shall not bother to ill treat or make a strong woman disrupt her own life and fall for him, only to regret and repent later on.

We all have different temperaments and so are our thoughts. They is no judgment given on any of the aspects here, but the only fact that remains to be true is that it certainly takes a brave heart to love a strong woman, let her fly high and achieve all that she wishes to, even if it is staying at home and bringing up kids. She is the owner of her life and there should be no one to dictate or guide her about.

On the other hand, no matter you are weak souls, still you just simply cannot imagine the woman of your dreams slipping away from your hands. Then there is some serious transformation required to alter your thinking system. It would take a lot to change yourself for the love of your life and admit her prowess outshining yours.

However if you have that zeal in you, then there is nothing precisely that could stop the love flourishing between the two of you. The opposites have always attracted each other and this is a universal law, while we really can’t do much about it. But once you enjoy the differences and start celebrating the gaps in each other and try to fill them around with your bond of your love and respect for each other.

Life would be just as good as heaven. You both would get to celebrate the minor as well as the major differences in each other and live through the test of time.

So, while we never really would have the answer for why “A weak man can’t love a strong woman” we could at least try and fill such gaps with the best of our will and effort along with a conscious mind to let us know, recognize such variations and of course the methods, tips and tricks to fill the gaps!!!