11 Awkward Habits Of Guys During Sex And Afterwards

Awkward sex

Awkward habits of guys during sex? No one seems to interested to read the intro here. I will directly come to the point.

#1.  NO NO NOT YET. Dude you can’t just grab her and go straight for the penetration. It’s not done that way man!! Just because she has undressed before you doesn’t mean she wants you inside her right then and there. She wants you to touch her, feel her, make her feel loved and make her thrilled by the sensations you put her through-things which make her wet. Take her to that peak of excitement where she will be just dying to have you.

#2.  NO NOT NOW. So she is all ready for you and you are soooo charged up and about to go all the way and you suddenly have this worst realization possible at this moment. No lad we are not talking about alien attacks here Mr. Star Wars. What we are trying to say here is that bro you are still not hard enough to enter her. Don’t worry it’s not a matter of shame here. It happens trust me!! You were in so much hurry to do it that you couldn’t enter the zone fully. Come on guys it’s not like you’re gonna miss your flight here. It’s sex. You GOTTA enter the zone and then Enter the Dragon. Savvy?

#3.  NO NOT THAT. When it comes to sex the most universally accepted mantra perhaps is “PAIN IS PLEASURE.” Well big guy it’s not damn sexy and pain is not pleasure. It’s simply….pain. So yeah you don’t want to turn this beautiful experience into a painful twisting and turning nightmare for her. But guys knowingly or unknowingly sometimes put their girls through some positions that simply inflict pains on her. How can she even enjoy the process when she has to put up with an aching neck or elbow at the same time. On the contrary to your popular belief. She is not really a masochist goddess who can enjoy each and everything that you may wanna put her through. So always look out for those moments or positions that are making her uneasy or hurting her like hell ‘cause she won’t always share and tell YO!

#4.  SHE IS NOT A PORCELAIN DOLL. She is not a fragile porcelain doll guy. She is not that tender of a creature that you have to go on her that much softly during sex cause that’s totally LAME! Asking her all the times things like “Are you okay baby?”or “Oh did I just hurt you baby?” is a major turn off for her. Most girls like it rough. That doesn’t mean that she wants you to kick or beat the hell out of her while getting laid. It’s just about maintaining the balance based on mutual comfort and pleasure.

#5.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE NEEDS???? Nor even asking her about her needs and what she likes is a major sign of selfishness and disrespect and major cause of disappointment for some girls and major flaw of some insensitive guys. Sex is all about mutual pleasure giving. It’s NOT about selfish self-satisfaction only. So you NEED TO KNOW what your partner wants from you. Talk to her. Let her open up. Maybe she needs a bit more tongue from you and was shy to tell you or maybe she wants you to shave it down there (LOL). GO ASK HER RIGHT AWAY.

#6.  DON’T IGNORE HER BIG Os. Are you kidding me!!!! How can you just walk out of your bedroom after you had your climax because she hadn’t had her yet???? This is really frustrating for her .It’s a form of serious orgasm denial. So don’t you dare ignore her orgasms anymore. GO START WORKING ON IT RIGHT NOW

#7.  CONDOM TROUBLE. So you are about go between her and suddenly you stop and then an awkward pause of about 5 minutes (ok that’s a biiiit exaggerated) and you are in THE BIG TROUBLE. You forgot your condom once again and you know that she isn’t gonna allow you without the condom no matter how pitiful puppy face you make.

#8.  MOOD TROUBLE. It’s perfectly alright if you are not in the mood for it tonight for whatever reasons. But you need to communicate with her about it or else it may lead to a unworthy misunderstanding. Apart from that, trying to forcibly have sex when you are not at all in the mood, can ruin the sex entirely.

#9.  DOZING OFF. NOOOO don’t doze off between her sheets. PLEASEEEE DON’T. That is not the right place to fall asleep.

#10.  CALLING HER MOMMY. Calling her mommy???? WHY????? We are not being judgmental here. Don’t take me wrong but really if she is not into these kinds of fetishes, don’t even do it by any unforgiving mistake.

#11.  THE FETISH FACTOR. Sexual fetishes are just hot (well most of them are). But there is this thing about fetishes –they are personal. So your fetish or fetishes may or may not match with those of hers. In that case don’t be stubborn and don’t force her.

In the end, I just wanna say that the Mommy Factor traumatized me to that extent that I need to see a therapist right now. Pray for me good people.