About Us

You are burning. You are scarred. You are wounded in your heart and you are bleeding from the inside for reasons obvious and remote. But do you want to burn? We say “No”. Are you made to burn? We say “yes”, life is a jigsaw puzzle. It’s confusing and hell lot of complex and easy to perplexed. Mostly you don’t know what to do and which are the don’ts. One confused wrong move and amidst the pit of confusion, depression, embarrassment and humiliation you are lost and this happens to us most.

We are human beings. So, don’t look down on ourselves and forgive. To analyze and understand love, sex, relationships is not so easy and cheap because those are the ones that make our life intense, complete and deep.

But don’t be worried and confused about love-life; dating-types, sex-ventures and sex-drive, conjugal life and relationship fights anymore. We are the sorcerers who are here to analyze-anatomize all of these and more and “solve and cure”.

We are here to make your loving, flirting, cuddling, sexing and living better, cause to make and keep the world a happy and lovely place.These are all it matter.

You’ll burn no more

You’ll scar no more

We’ll take it all away

Life won’t be a killer anymore

So, come to us, taste us, hold our hands- join us, love us, and we’ll be “Cocktail Motivation For Your Love Life.”

We are working hard to make you Smarter, Cooler & Sexier. So, Stop Worrying. Start Loving…

Imburning Team