10 Reasons Why One Should Have Wine Daily


When is the best time to have a sparkling glass of wine? Everyone might probably answer that they usually have it during special events or occasions. That might be the usual time to have it, but that’s not just it. The best time to drink wine is every day!

Yes, you read it right. If you are a certified wine addict or should we say, wine enthusiast, you can easily enjoy a glass any time of the day. If someone dares to spoil your wine time, well, you can choose from any of the following reasons why there is nothing wrong in having a glass of wine daily:

1. Improves memory – particularly red wine, it contains a substance called Resveratrol. This substance has shown that it increases the number of brain connections that were made by wine drinkers. So, an increase in brain connections eventually leads to better and more improve memory. With this, it would be a good thing that you will recall to limit yourself with just one glass – or drink more and risks yourself from brain degeneration.

2. Enhances your vision – vision impairment is caused by blood vessel overgrowth around our eyes. As we grow older, we are at risk of having macular degeneration, cataracts, or blindness. Well, the wine will never let you lose your vision as with its healthy substance resveratrol.

3. Improves your immune system – in a recent study, it shows that red wine comes with immunity-boosting properties. This means that you have protected yourself from getting sick with the dangerous flu virus.

4. Increases proper cholesterol levels – our body needs good levels of cholesterol to prevent us from getting health problems – and wine has a lot of good antioxidants that increase good cholesterol.

5. No more acne problem – still because of Resveratrol, it prevents the bacteria from growing and causing skin inflammation or the problematic acne.

6. Wine will make you stronger – chemicals found in wine enhance the effects of your strength training. Just don’t drink wine before the gym session, as you might be ruining your muscle growth goals.

7. Get stronger bones – they say women have weaker bones but not to worry because drinking wine will make your bones stronger.

8. No more cavities for you – drinking wine may turn your teeth blue, but it helps keep them clean and reduces the growth of harmful bacteria.

9. Good for the heart – one of the causes of death of people around the world is heart disease. But if you are drinking wine daily, it will prevent you from getting stroke and coronary disease. You would have a healthier heart and live longer.

10. Live longer – a glass of wine at a time isn’t just a great way to calm yourself from stressors of life. It also activates its anti-aging enzymes essential to the circadian clock, smoothing wrinkles, DNA repair, and other bodily processes for a better and longer life. So, cheers to a long life!

Aside from those stated above, wine also prevents you from having Type2 Diabetes, liver disease, cancer, and it can also stall the onset of dementia. If you are a bit of stress from work or personal life, don’t let that stress to overpower you and lead you to depression. Remember, you need a glass of wine by your side, relax and think that everything will be alright.