10 Reasons Why do People get Depressed: So You are Ready to Fight it Back

why do people get depressed

It is common and completely natural to feel lonely and anxious at times. There are many things in life that affect the quality of life and make us feel unhappy and isolated from the others. However if in case these symptoms start increasing and bound to trap you in, you certainly would need help.

Most of the times, such feelings come and go within a day or two, however if in case you experience such depression and mood swings over a prolonged time, feel disconnected and all such emotions interfere the daily functioning of your life, then it’s time for you to consult an expert or a psychologist for that matter.

The worst part is that most of the people experiencing depression, forget recognizing its signs on the first part. A depression can lead up to more severe conditions and make life traumatic and painful in the long run.

What causes depression?

Well, this is a rather wide question to find an answer for. E all lead lives laden with several problems, different limitations and we all might go through many conditions and phases that leave a mark on our mental health. Depression depends upon several crucial factors like genes, stress, jobs, financial conditions, social circle and so much more.

Let us discuss the top 10 reasons people generally get depressed:

#1. A lot of stress

The modern life we are living is often fast, competitive and stressful. But the moment this stress sits on your mind and makes your daily life tough, it certainly becomes alarming. Chronic stress, as this condition is commonly known as, elevates the stress hormones, causing distress in life, affecting the normal functioning, sleep patterns and energy levels. Depression might be the result of all this aforementioned conditions that would certainly need intervention.

#2. Hot and Humid Weather

Depression strikes most people during the hotter months. The body takes a while adjusting to the hot and humid climate and if in case you have stress already on your mind. This is a condition that takes a toll on your health and affects your well being, making you feel weak, depressed and irritated, unbalancing the chemistry between your brain and hormones.

#3. Debt and financial crisis

We don’t really have a perfect life; most of us struggle each day to make both the ends meet. However if in case you have a huge debt on your mind and struggling with your finances, this could certainly lead towards depression. Many people run out of sources and have nowhere to bend upon, often getting trapped in to the circle and feel depressed.

#4. Being out of shape

These days’ people are getting more and more conscious about getting back in shape. But if in case you lack being in your ideal body weight, this could commonly lead towards making you depressed and lower your self esteem. A poor body image often leads to depression and the condition only gets worse by the days, as overweight people tend to over eat in depression.

#5. Failed Relationships

Most good people often fail to make good relationships. The reasons could be as genuine as possible, but somehow there are a few matches that are just not meant to be. A failed marriage, a sex less life, divorce etc are common reasons that lead towards depression and makes people feel low, bad and guilty.

#6. Ageing and changes

Most people love enjoying their youth, young family life, energetic bodies and sport spirit. But the moment they start ageing, many diseases take place and they start lacking the similar enthusiasm. This is anyways the nature of life and is evident to happen. Acceptance is a problem with many and this often leads to depression!

#7. Loss of your loved ones

Grieving and crying over the loss of someone special and close is natural. It leaves a hollow in your hearts and life that is irreplaceable and just cannot be filled in with any other substitute. However if you keep thinking endless of the same, you might get caught by depression.

#8. Smoking

No matter how cool you might think you’d look dragging, smoking incessantly becomes a habit, hard to get rid of. Especially when you are aware of its ill effects. The feeling when you want to quit, but addiction takes control, this is exactly where depression signs in.

#9. Negative thoughts

This is the basic rule of Karma, if you would think bad and ill about others, it would all come back to you. Your won negative thinking becomes a trap and leads towards depression. This case is often self-invited!

#10. Poor sleeping patterns

If in case you have not been sleeping well, over a long period of time. You might lack the essence of a happy and a healthy life. People who are sleep deprived are often irritable and they burst out their frustration all around them. This often leads towards depression and needs a change in your lifestyle.