5 Signs Your Girlfriend Takes You for Granted

by garryknight

How would you know if you’re taken for granted?

We all have that one person who remembers us only when they’re in trouble or if they need something.

Hi Sam, Would you mind if you could blah, blah.

Sam: Yes sure!

Apart from that they don’t even care about your existence. They don’t know what you do, or how you’re doing. But you care too much for them. Have they taken you for granted? What should you look out for and understand if your girlfriend has taken you for granted?

You’re simply been used as a door mat.

Are you the only one who cares? Do you go that extra mile and make them feel good by showering them with gifts, plan unique and romantic dinner with them?

What do they do in return? They know that you love them too much and if they’re quite sure that you’re never going to leave them, this is when they will take you for granted.

They are sure that

  • No matter what tantrums they put you’ll still love them.
  • You’ll still plan for dates and other romantic moments with them no matter what.
  • They’ll have awesome sex and orgasm over orgasm even if they don’t put in the effort of pleasing you back.
  • They don’t have to worry about anything because you’re going to take care of it.

Because you will never say NO to them, you love them unconditionally.

This is a huge indicator that you’ll be taken for granted.

Well wait, what about trust? Of course she will trust you. She knows that you’re going to stay by her side no matter what and you’re the one who is going to apologize even if she made a mistake.

#1. Is there any element of respect?

I guess not. When a woman takes you for granted she will most certainly not respect you. She won’t be grateful to have you in her life. And you know what’s even worse? You’ll be the only one trying to mend things and set things right so that the relationship works out.

#2. No compliments, no appreciation.

Do they at least take a moment and compliment you? Ah honey, you look great today? Nope! At least do they reciprocate when you show love to them? Like you turn up at their place with a cake for their birthday and all they’ll do is scream at you for disturbing them at midnight. And to top it, they wouldn’t even remember your birthday and they don’t care to wish you either.

So you notice that you’re the only one who is putting an effort and the other one has taken things lightly. This is a clear sign that you’re being taken for granted.

#3. Rules are for you. Not for them.

So you make a mistake accidentally they’re going to scream at you and probably never forgive you and will keep taunting you. But on the other hand if they make a mistake they simply smile off and say they have the right to do it and that you just have to live with that.

Don’t even think of accusing them, probably you should only go ahead and say sorry and fix all the mistakes they’ve done because they’re not going to own their mistakes nor are they going to apologize.

This is not only a sign of being taken for granted, this is also a clear indication of abuse. They’re going to lay down rules to you but are going to live a carefree life themselves. This could be of mental torture to you.

They may lay rules like (this doesn’t apply to them however)
You’re not supposed to party, drink.
You’re not supposed to wear certain clothes.
You’re not supposed to have many friends.
You’re not supposed to talk about your relationship to anyone.

Basically the nature of your woman is too demanding and she will be a hypocrite.

#4. It doesn’t matter if you’re present or not.

Your girlfriend is not going to care whether you’re at home or not. She will live life carefree, invite friends home and play with them, you’ll be left all ignored. And probably she will only remember you when she has to clean up the place.

You’re being used as the maid of the house to do chores, that too for free! And what’s even better. She also gets to have sex whenever she’s in the mood. Heaven isn’t it? This means that you’re taken for granted.

#5. You’re the one who is trying to contact them.

This definitely means that you’re being taken for granted! You always try to make plans, meet up, and initiate a conversation and so on. Whereas they’re busy enjoying life and they’re least bothered about your whereabouts.

And you know what’s even worse? You try contacting them and they say “Umm, I am busy at the moment, could we catch up later?” Every single time, this is the response. In my opinion if someone really wants to be with you they’ll definitely find a way to be with you. So when you can clearly see that your girlfriend is ignoring you and not trying to communicate, it only means that she has found something better and would rather invest her time over there than on you.

So this is a clear indication that she has taken you for granted.

So these are the signs men! If you notice these in your partner, call them up and let them know how you feel about it and try to bring some change:  If you can’t change “the girl” then “change” the girl.