7 Strong Reasons Why Guys Can’t Be Loyal

why guys cant be loyal

It’s an age-old stereotype: Men cheat. While there are plenty of women who also fall into this category, when we think of infidelity or straying in relationships, our mind typically tends to wander toward the guy first.

And there’s a good reason for that. Statistically, yes, it’s men who always come up as less loyal than women, and it’s usually the men who end up cheating, walking away, or moving on to another relationship quickly. While there are plenty of excuses both men and women use for cheating, there are some actual reasons that you might want to take into consideration if you’ve been burned by an unloyal guy in the past, or if you’re a guy who has a hard time staying loyal to just one partner.

Check out these seven strong reasons why guys can’t be loyal, and consider them next time you find yourself in an ‘unloyal’ situation with someone.

# 1. Their Expectations Are Too High

Some men believe that their partner should be able to satisfy every single one of their needs, emotionally and physically, 24-hours a day. Some guys come into a relationship thinking those needs will automatically be met, and if they’re not, the relationship won’t work. They become dissatisfied, and start to look elsewhere for those needs to be met, especially sexually. When a guy comes into a relationship with unrealistic expectations, it’s practically doomed to fail, because he’ll never reach the point where he can be truly fulfilled and happy.

# 2. Intimacy Scares Them

When you’re in a long-term relationship with someone, chances are you’re going to feel more intimate when you engage in sex – that’s just natural between two people who care about each other. Unfortunately, there are many guys who actually have a fear of intimacy, so they look for something strictly physical elsewhere. It might sound crazy, but some guys are actually afraid of getting too intimate with someone, for fear of getting hurt.

# 3. They’re Bored

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it’s just natural for the physical side of things to die down a little. New relationships tend to be a lot more sexual and fun for both parties involved. But if you go from having a physical connection everyday, to once or twice a week, the guy in the relationship may feel as though his needs aren’t being met, and he’ll look elsewhere.

# 4. They Need A Connection

This tends to be the opposite of a fear of intimacy, but some guys actually crave that connection and intimacy, and need it when it comes to sex. If you’re in a relationship that feels disconnected, or you’ve lost that ‘spark’ and intimacy with one another, he may go looking for it somewhere else, with someone he feels more connected to.

# 5. They Want The Power

This reason may sound like a cliche, but many guys feel the need to follow a stereotype that men should be in control, and have the power in a relationship. Or, they should be allowed to do what they want. Simply put, that gives them the right, at least in their minds, to sleep with whoever they want.

# 6. They Are Weak

Just as an alcoholic can’t be in a bar full of liquor, a weak man can’t be in a room full of women. Many guys just simply lack the willpower to say ‘no,’ when approached by a woman, or when the idea of sex is on the table. It’s an ego boost, and something exciting and adventurous, and most men desire that.

# 7. They Want Something Different

Even if you’re in a stable relationship, many guys like, and search for variety. Everything could be fine sexually at home, but that doesn’t mean the guy is totally satisfied, since they know there are others out there who could offer them something different.

While these are just a few of the common reasons guys can’t be loyal, and there are plenty more, it might offer some insight into why they stray, and signs to look for if you think it might be a possibility.