How To Move From The Friend Zone To The Love Zone

How to Move from the Friend Zone to the Love Zone

The dreaded ‘Friend Zone.’ It’s plagued both men and women for quite some time now, and is definitely real, though it seems to be more prominent for men than it does women.

Think about your group of guy friends: Chances are you know at least one who perhaps likes a girl, but has just been friends with her for a long time, and is either too afraid to try to make a change, or the girl has moved on, etc.

The friend zone isn’t a fun place to be for someone who has deeper feelings for that friend, and it can cause heartache, frustration, and loneliness. Luckily, there are ways to move out of that friend zone, and move into the ‘love’ zone with that friend – and you’ll never have to look back!

#1. Just Do It

When we find ourselves in the friend zone, we often make excuses as to why we’re there in the first place. But think about the reasons you might be there. Have you ever told the person you have feelings for exactly how you feel? Or have you skirted around the topic, instead leaving your conversations light and on the surface?

If you truly have feelings for someone, don’t be afraid to be direct, and to tell them. Flirt with them, instead of acting like just a friend. They will appreciate the effort, and will likely get the hint instead of thinking you just want to be friends from the start. You don’t have to be forceful in order to make a romantic impression, but don’t be afraid to be forward.

#2. Be Interesting

If you’re just meeting someone, and come across as shy or boring, but nice, most girls will automatically put you in the friend zone. Show the girl you’re interested in that you have a good life, and that you get out and do things with friends, for yourself, etc. Let her know you’d like to share some of those experiences with her. Even if it comes off in a friendly, casual way, inviting her to go on an adventure with you is a great way to easily transition into a date, especially if it allows you some one-on-one time alone.

#3. Give Yourself A Life Makeover

If your current friend really sees you as nothing more, why not give yourself an overhaul? We’re not saying you should change your personality, or try to be someone you’re not, but are you really always putting your best foot forward when you’re around them? If your style and personal habits could use an upgrade, then do it! Make this friend see you in a new light, while still showing them that you can be yourself. If they see you as the best version of yourself, they may be more likely to go out with you on a date, rather than nothing more than a friendly outing.

The friend zone doesn’t have to last forever! Try these helpful tips to get you out of that unfortunate place to be, and start dating that person you’ve had your eye on for so long – good luck!