How To Easily Get Over A Serious Breakup

How to Get Over a seroius Breakup

Breakups can be hard for all parties involved – especially, if it was a serious relationship that had the potential of lasting a long time.

They are extremely taxing mentally, and emotionally, and can be draining for a long time if we dwell on them. Sometimes, it’s hard to just ‘get over’ or move on, the way people say you should.

A serious breakup can leave you with a lot of baggage to deal with for a long time, unless you make the choice to actively ‘get over it’ yourself, by taking the right steps toward really moving on. It’s your decision, not anyone else’s, but there are things you can do to make it easier for yourself.

#1. Don’t Suggest To “Stay Friends”

Even if things end well between the two of you, it’s going to be harder on you both to immediately decide to ‘stay friends.’ This isn’t admitting defeat, it’s making a smart choice for yourself. Chances are, one of you will still be more emotionally attached than the other, and by staying friends, you’re opening yourself up for more heartbreak, and a longer period of time for your breakup to sting. When they, or you, eventually move on, it’s going to hurt one of your more than you ever intended. Take some actual time apart for awhile before considering if you could actually remain friends or not.

#2. Get Fit!

Starting a new workout routine is a great way to channel your energy and emotions into something productive that will have you feeling, and looking great! Even better? Try picking a workout that’s more intense, like boxing or some kind of extreme cardio. Try to avoid things like yoga, pilates, etc. This is the time to get that pent up frustration out, not necessarily find your ‘inner peace.’

#3. Start New Relationships Slowly

Many people make the mistake of immediately jumping into a ‘rebound’ relationship with someone else. This can be both good, and bad, depending on how you’re going into it. If you do start a new relationship, try to take things slowly, and keep things casual for awhile. This can give you a good opportunity not only to have fun, but to see if you’re ready for an actual relationship again any time soon. Don’t take things too seriously right away!

#4. Do Something For Yourself

Sometimes after a breakup, it’s easy to start planning to get your ex back into your life. Instead, do something to get back to your old self, or start something new for yourself! Take a class, go on a trip, join a team, etc. Find yourself, or a version of yourself you’ve never explored before, and you’ll forget all about getting back the guy who broke your heart.

Getting over a breakup can be difficult, but not impossible! Just remember to take things slowly, do things for yourself, and don’t be afraid to try something new in order to get your life back, and start feeling like ‘you’ again. A broken heart doesn’t last forever, and with helpful tips like these, it can be an experience that eventually becomes more therapeutic than troubling. Good luck, and may your next relationship be the best one ever!