3 Unique Gifts For Your Girlfriend

unique gifts for girlfriend

Whether you’ve been dating your girlfriend for five months, or five years, the importance of a unique gift never fades away. In fact, it probably gets more important the longer you’ve been dating.

It can be a challenge, however, to keep coming up with original gifts for holidays, birthdays, and just because – especially if you feel like your girlfriend already has everything! While most women will appreciate the traditional gifts of flowers, candy, jewelry, etc., there’s definitely something to be said for the guy who can come up with a unique gift year after year. Chances are, you’ll earn more brownie points for a more unique gift. And, you’ll also have more fun picking out a gift that really reflects your girlfriend, and your relationship. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Still think you might be stuck on a unique gift? Check out these ideas below, and the next time you want to get the perfect gift for the girl you love, try one of them out. You’re welcome in advance for those brownie points!

#1. Check Out Her Pinterest Boards

You might avoid Pinterest like the plague most of the time, but if your girlfriend ever spends hours scrolling through the site on her phone, pinning away at this and that, it’s important that you take notice. Check out her Pinterest boards in private, and see if she’s pinned anything you can purchase. From clothes to jewelry, home decor to accessories, and so much more. Pinterest actually makes it really easy for you – most items that are for sale will actually link you directly to a website to buy them. Even if it’s something simple, like a piece of jewelry, she’ll know you went the extra mile by making sure it was something she actually had her eye on enough to pin it. It’ll be even better if you have a genuine disdain for the website, and you went on to check it out anyway.

#2. Give The Gift Of A Memory Together

Concert tickets to her favorite band, or tickets to a game with her favorite team will definitely be something she loves. Not only will she appreciate the gesture and love being able to experience something she’s a fan of, but more importantly? She’ll love making that memory with you! Save the tickets, and ten years from now, you’ll have that memento to look back on, and chances are you’ll remember every last detail of the night you went to that concert or sporting event. Memories and experiences are really the best gifts you can give someone you love.

#3. A Mix CD

No, it’s not 1999 again, but there’s no reason not to get nostalgic from time to time! Go back to your high school years, and make your girlfriend a mix CD. You can go a few different routes here to customize it for your relationship: Either make a CD with some of her favorite songs from today, from ten years ago (or later!), or put together a perfect mix of songs that mean something to the both of you, and your relationship. She’ll love your light-heartedness and the innocence of the gift, along with the thoughtfulness that goes into preparing the perfect playlist of songs.