9 Ways For Guys To Spice-Up Your Sex Life

Spice-Up Your Sex Life

Sex can be pretty boring once you forget to give it a bit of magical touch now and then.

To know some of those magical potions to spice it all up, we recently journeyed deep into the Sex land and met up with the fairy of Sex garden. How about we share with you some of the secret ingredients revealed by her??(YEAH GENEROUS US!!)


Studies throughout the world has shown that a little adding of light spanking and bondage can help improve your sex life as girls throughout the world mostly enjoys if you do it within the limits. Now be a little careful here and don’t try to get into the hardcore bondage domain if she is not into these at all. Do it consensually.


Give her a bit surprise this holiday or this birthday. And does it get better than some sex toys to play with or erroneous accessories from your local sex store or from an online store? After all it’s so nice to get to play with new toys. Right folks????


There is probably no better obvious way of spicing it up than trying new positions no matter how bizarre it seems. This mostly upgrades the overall sexuality by sending new kinds of sexual rush through your and your partner’s spine never felt before. Keep the excitement alive with the experiments ‘cause that’s SEXYYYY.


Why don’t you just talk to her into sharing her most intimate and darkest sexual fantasies with you, okay this gonna be always easy because these are the stuffs that she might have been hiding from the world with layers of conscious thoughts for ages for the basic fear of being judged. To explore these, you might have to keep patience and you give her some time before she can finally open up to you.


Seriously give it a break if you guys are over-doing it ‘cause over-doing kills. Spend some nice or creative or crazy wacky time together. Do it again when both of you want it badly. It will put the drive back into your sex-life again. Try it.


Another crucial way to juice it up is to play some sex games with your partner(N00001NOT ONLINE SEX GAMES STUPID!!!)Sex is way more than just penetration. In fact penetration is just a tiny part of it. So in order to make your sex life more interesting, you gotta make the whole process more interesting by way of foreplay, sex games. You can try different sex games like the blind folded game(more on this later) or you may invent something of your own which makes it even more sexy.. Another thing to try in this niche is role-playing.”Oh yeah baby cuddle my bunny suit (okay that’s um..Bunny-ish)


Sometimes to spice it up, you don’t need to come up with some really genius idea. Sometimes all it takes is a “little-bit”-like maybe a bit more oral, a bit more foreplay, a bit more ‘giving her the attention’ etc etc blah blah


And maybe sometimes the “little bit” theory is a useless jerk…If you feel that you are both terribly bored by your regular predictable sex habits and actions, do something out of the box. Maybe give her a feet-worship(now don’t get hurt poor ego) or anything which you haven’t done before that makes her go “WOW”


These tricks of the Sex Fairy can all come in handy at one occasion or the other. But there is another vital thing to it which we at “IMBURING’ want to tell you. if you feel that you are kind of stuck in your sex life which is getting cumbersome for both of you, the best possible and mature thing to do is to sit down with your partner(maybe with Coffee and Cigarettes  and discuss this like two grown-ups should. So grow up mates and have an awesome time.