5 Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Absolute Hopeless Romantic

crazy Boyfriend

I smell roses everywhere. From planning romantic dinner dates with scented candles to planning a visit to Paris. I see everyone blushing while they’re buying flowers, chocolate and surprise the love of their life!

Even I love somebody just like you all, even I wish I could plan something special with him. It was a battle between my brain and my heart.

Movie night?
Date? Road trip?
Nah! Nah!

Why? I cannot plan anything because my boyfriend is a hopeless romantic. Caught between a similar situations? And wondering how could you identify if you’ve found one of those people? Here’s how you can find out!

#1. Chilling out! Literally.

He would just sit at his place, stare at the roof and wouldn’t even bother to meet up. He’s more than happy to just check out some funny videos on YouTube, play counterstrike on his personal computer and wouldn’t bother to reply back to your messages! He’s happy by himself and comfortable in his own bed, with a very strong unlimited internet connection. Heaven isn’t it?

Don’t even dream about him asking you out for a drink, or taking you to a park and have some romantic time together. When Netflix and chill literally means Netflix and chill. Winks. He would at the max invite you over to his place and watch a movie together.

#2. Friends are fun!

Heck yeah! My friends are awesome, my girlfriend can wait.

Yeah you heard that right, your boyfriend has more fun with his friends than you! He wouldn’t enjoy going on rides/ long road trips with you. Instead he would love it if his male friends joined him and they would just rip the road apart as if they’re young teenagers! Don’t even get pissed at him if you see him wear a Captain America t-shirt and act crazy with his friends!

Get used to this by the way, this will happen often. You’d be left at the home to look after other things.

#3. Date nights?

Forget it! Like seriously. Your boyfriend would rather stay home, have home cooked food and go early to bed instead of going out for a romantic date night.

Hey honey, shall we go out for dinner tonight?

His obvious response would be – “Dear, who would want to go out in that heavy traffic, why don’t you cook something nice for me!”

#4. Flowers and other romantic gestures?

Don’t even dream of him gifting you 23 roses on your 23rd birthday! An air ticket to Paris? He is a hopeless romantic, did you just forget it?

If you’re lucky he may remember it’s your anniversary or your birthday and he may at the max wish you, if not he would just treat it like just another day in the 365 days of the calendar and wouldn’t plan anything special!

Don’t even think of picking a fight over this matter, because things can turn ugly. After all you loved him for what he is right, just accept it and gulp it down!

#5. Dilemma.

You see your neighbors welcome their new born baby, your friends are getting engaged, and few are getting married and so on. If you go ahead and talk to him about this, he would just try to divert your mind or change the topic because he isn’t sure of what he must do! He isn’t sure if it’s the right time to get engaged or get married. Of course he’s happy with you at the moment but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be happy forever, in short he would be always in a dilemma to make a decision.

Probably he’s not sure if he would love a tiny one calling him “PAPA” or probably he’s not sure of all the responsibilities that will follow up if he takes this relationship to the next level.