From Her NO to YES, Your Guide to Woo A Girl

how to Woo A Girl

A woman seeks confidence in a man, she wants a man who knows what he wants and then she’ll tell you about what she wants. When she starts opening up to you, know that you’ve won half the battle.

But what if she says ‘no’? Do you give up and make a gory mess of yourself with depression and pizza on the couch? That won’t help anyone. Instead try some of the techniques mentioned in this article which have become favorites worldwide.

We have prepared 8 simple guidelines, which are concise and easy to follow and will definitely help you to turn a girl’s ‘no’ into a ‘yes’.

#1. Build Comfort

Attraction alone isn’t enough to hit the home run. However it is a huge up.

The next thing that you need to do is make her comfortable around you, or your chances of waking up to her on your bed will be slim. Find things to connect with her. Get to know her.

What does she like? Is she an avid reader? A movie buff? Is she an aspiring athlete? Start building rapport.

Invite her over to your house and make her comfortable. You can have several excuses for it like you wanna watch a movie with her or show her pictures of your trip to Malaysia or maybe you have great collection of fishes?

Invite her over every once in a while and make her feel at home, this will help to get her on bed with little resistance.

#2. Take it Slow

The art of wooing is mastered by patience.

The kiss makes the first impression in the physical part of your relationship. Don’t take the kiss to be a starting point from where you take off and land in her pants! For a seasoned seducer, the kiss is the destination.

Let her feel that you’re enjoying every moment while kissing and you’re satiated with just the kiss. She’ll offer you more. But if you hurry to lay her, you’ll blow the deal completely.

Building anticipation is key while wooing a woman.

#3. Build Chemistry

Some sexual tension is an absolute must in the beginning of any relationship for it to work. If she doesn’t find any sexual charm about you, you’ll get friendzoned in no time. That’s not good for your “little man’s” confidence.

So how do you build sexual tension?
It’s just like in every Hollywood movie ever!
Their eyes are locked as they look at each other deep in the soul and their lips move closer, inch by inch, and finally they kiss.
The deal is sealed.

But if your life is not being scripted by a Hollywood writer, you need to do it yourself. Put on some slow romantic music (timeless stuff, always works!).  Offer her a drink. Try some non-sexual touching like gently holding her wrist and checking out her bracelet or rings. If she is turned on, she’ll fall for you.

#4. Be Caring

Women don’t like cocky guys who’re out to show off how macho they are. Even the real time macho men need to show off their softer side to get some loving.

So stop thinking what your punk friends will think and hold her hand once in a while.
Hold her hand while crossing the street.
Open the doors for her.
Offer to carry her luggage.
Keep your hands on her shoulders gently and let her head rest on your shoulders.

These are all gestures of affection and manly caring which never grow old and women adore so much. So don’t be afraid to be a real man. Remember chivalry is only dead if you kill it.

#5. Don’t be a show off

An unnecessary and condescending display of wealth is often a good way of putting a woman off. Don’t ask questions like, “have you ever travelled first-class?”

Instead show off your aristocracy by buying something extravagant for her. Insist that she takes it. Wear good clothes and shoes and a nice cologne. Bring her over to your house and show her around your crib in a casual manner not boasting about the antique you bought at auction from Egypt. That way she can’t complain that you’re showing off or being condescending.

#6. Don’t Talk Overtly About Sex

Making a general discussion about sex or talking about it casually is not a good turn on for women. Some girls may actually be in to the dirty talking while having sex, but else while it is a mood killer. It takes the juice out of the relationship. Instead try to do things that are silently suggestive.

Women pick up on these actions a lot quicker than men. This is another means of increasing sexual tension. Go slow, but steady. Keep building her anticipation.

#7. Make the first move

Even to this day, most women are somewhat passive by nature and are too shy to make the first move. She anticipates you to take the lead. So get physical gently and early on. It will show her that you’re interested in her.

But don’t rush it. You can’t just grab the ass thinking “she’s mine forever now”. Initiate touch but be a gentleman about it. Put your hand around her shoulders smoothly while watching movie. Hold her hand while talking to her.

There is no harm in taking the lead as long as you’re being civil about it. That way even if it is too early,
she’ll let you know without breaking up with you.

#8. Make her Scream Your Name

Building sexual tension is one thing but satisfying her on bed is another.
Do not jettison your bombs away before you’ve completed the mission!
No squeezing out the juice before putting it in the caboose!
I can go on with the innuendos. They’re fun. What’s not fun, however, is if you make all that effort to seduce her andthen give her no show.

Work on your bedroom skills. Learn to elongate foreplay. Tease her till she begs for it. Learn to last longer and the most important thing is … you guessed it, not yours but her orgasm.

In conclusion, let’s all be real, you’re not freaking James Bond! So don’t be disappointed if you fail even after following our guidelines. It’s not your fault, or ours. You’re just not James Bond! Try again. Skills of wooing are not inherent, they’re learnt over time. So be patient or you’ll get nothing. And like it! Okay 008!