51 Romantic Gestures to Melt any Girl


The game of romantic gestures can be really complicated. Especially, if you’re a guy, things can turn enigmatic for you eventually.

Oftentimes, we need to rekindle the flame of passions. We need to re-establish our romantic rapture when our relationship gets physically old.

Every time she needs to make sure that you are the right guy for her. You need to be totally worthy of her loving embrace. Only then she finally moves on to say “yes”.

Romance is no less than crossing hurdles to reach the hidden treasure of life. It’s just mysterious.

If you can make her smile and laugh, your whole world brightens up.
It’s a romantic blush.

But among all the romantic gestures are you wondering and lost?
Worry no more as you are the romantic fella with enough love.

Here we give you 51 romantic gestures that can melt any girl’s heart.

Be good people and spread the word.

  1. Bring a bit romantic rhapsody back to your regular kisses. Hold and cup her face with dreamy tenderness while kissing.
  2. Make a covert surprise trip for her. Hence, make your preparations without revealing anything to her. She wakes up one fine holiday morning and SURPRISE!
  3. Fetching her childhood memories back to her is an awesomely caring romantic gesture. What better than bringing home DVDs of her favourite childhood cartoons to watch together?
  4. Role-play characters from her favourite childhood shows and let her live the fairy-tale again. Who said childishness can’t be romantic??
  5. A visit to an amusement park together can bring back all her childhood nostalgia.
  6. Once in a while, your star shine really could use a day-off from household chores. Take up the responsibility of household works sometimes and let her chill.
  7. A lovely breakfast surprise for your baby would be a nice romantic gesture.
  8. Cooking alone can be real drudgery if it’s mandatory. Why not joining her in the kitchen when you can? Notably this romantic gesture can be real fun.
  9. Slice a bit time away from your schedule. Make her favourite dish and wait for her with her favourite wine. When she comes back from a hectic day at work, she’ll be enraptured.
  10. Give her a relaxing shoulder and back massage when she feels tired. In addition, it’s better if it doesn’t lead to the usual lust-session.
  11. Make on piece of art for her-be it anything. Doesn’t matter if it sucks, as far as it is made by you.
  12. Gift her something of your interest. This sort of romantic gesture involves her in your interests, making your connections stronger.
  13. Drop an oddball surprise for her. It can really be a cool tee or an crazy poster design . This sort of fascinating gesture suggests that she is always in your mind.
  14. Books are probably the most sincere way of telling her that you love her. Ever tried giving her a limited edition signed copy of her favourite book????
  15. Flowers are like romantic trance for girls. Can you then Pick up a really uncommon or exotic flower for her?
  16. Undertake some sort of a fun creative project together. A joint venture like this will further boost her passion for you uniquely .
  17. Discover her passions and encourage and assist her to reach her goals. No romantic gesture can be as chivalrous as this-enough to melt her heart.
  18. Remember her important days and help her with things in her big days.
  19. Give her a yummy finger-licking surprise. Make an exotic dish that you have recently learnt to cook.
  20. Try making a new exotic dish together.
  21. Arrange a private candlelight dinner at your place or at your rooftop. Just the two of you with her favourite music playing in the background. Look into her eyes and forget everything in the world.
  22. Know why composing a song and singing it to her an effective romantic gesture? Because it makes her smile all the time; more so when you sing horrible.
  23. Accompany her on the dance floor although your dance steps look like zombie parade. She also knows you can’t dance. Hence she‘ll appreciate your efforts like a blessed kid.
  24. Secretly learn some dance moves and charm her on the dance floor. She will be elated and impressed.
  25. Cancel one of your guys’ night out and give her a surprise visit. She won’t see it coming and so will be absolutely euphoric about this.
  26. Watch her favourite TV show with her although you think the show stinks. Romantic gestures like this go a long way.
  27. Going out to grab something to eat in her absence? Then make sure to bring something back for her.
  28. Astonish her with a totally cool long drive trip. Take her to places she likes or go for a random crazy long drive.
  29. Get two concert tickets for the band she goes crazy about. Watch her face light up with excitement.
  30. Slowly caress her hair while you lovebirds are watching something together on the TV. Play with them. This tender romantic gesture will eventually melt her into you in peace.
  31. Get her some intuitive gift for her birthday. A photo journal containing your moments and memories will be fascinating for instance. This sort of romantic gesture is way more intimate than an expensive restaurant dinner.
  32. Make a home video on how much you’re missing her when she is away. Show it to her when she comes back or mail her. See what happens.
  33. Always break your big success news to her first. Romantic gesture like this points out that she is your priority all the way.
  34. Choose some TV shows that you watch only when you two are together.
  35. Compliment her perfume, appreciate her smell. She’ll feel exhilarated and closer to you.
  36. Sometimes get her those little things that she is truly fond of. This romantic gesture specifically declares how much attentive you are to her little needs. .
  37. Of course NEVER EVER leave her when the chips are down for her. Be her confident. ALWAYS.
  38. Looking into her eyes in the shadowy campfire is simply dreamy. Besides, she’ll discover you anew in this romantic haven. So what are you still waiting for?
  39. Helping her with her make-up is another sweet romantic gesture. Let her try something on you as well and make her laugh.
  40. Making bed at night is a wonderfully romantic gesture that she will fathom tremendously.
  41. Offer your hand for her to hold when you’re about to cross the road. This romantic gesture of cute protectiveness will not go unnoticed by her appreciative eyes.
  42. Romantic gestures like lending hand to her household chores are rather handy to her. Anything from assisting her in cleaning her room to doing the laundry will do.
  43. Usually, a girl is messed up with her weekend to-do list. A practical romantic gesture here would be to extend your helping hand to her.
  44. Always walk her to her door after a night out. It’s this gentlemanly romantic gesture that can melt her with your sense of responsibility.
  45. If you can’t walk her to her home, call a cab for her. The least you can do here is to walk her to the car.
  46. Holding open the door for her to go first is another “gentleman’s thing “. This simple romantic gesture combines love and respect in an elegant way.
  47. In a restaurant, pull out the chair for her to sit. Let her order first and don’t let her pay for the meal. These respectable romantic gestures make a woman feel special in so many ways.
  48. Remember the age old custom of kissing a maiden’s hand?? Try this unexpected romantic gesture on her.
  49. Cuddle her in public. Wrap your hand around her back while you are walking together. Meanwhile, make sure you are not making her uncomfy in any way.
  50. Here goes a special tip for the men with girlfriends who work at office. Make her lunch and wrap. This romantic gesture can eventually fill her otherwise grey working day with colourful essence.


Now before the last big piece of wisdom, we want to tell you something. You can make your relationship a twilight zone with your hue of romantic gestures. Your love is always the key to unlock all the romantic puzzles. So, don’t stop loving and ….

  1. ….love her like there’s no tomorrow.