10 Texting Ways to Impress Your Crush

hpw to impress through text

The world is obsessed.
We are all obsessed with something or the other- our cell phones, our pet dragons, the monster that lives in the closet and definitely with…. our crush who we want to impress and possess at any cost. And how much up the financial ladder do you have to visualize Yourself when mention the “cost”? “Not so up”. We put our comforting hands on your shoulder and we say with assuring eyes.

With the ever bounteous tech-monster constantly providing us with unending ways of cost- effective communications, it doesn’t require Mr. Einstein’s grey matter to say that you can now communicate with your crush in the lowest cost possible in history with the most affordable of these being the ever-friendly text message.

We all love to “type and send and type and send….”. The world is text-ssessed. “So what about we used one obsession to fulfil another?”  “That is what the wife men do”. We pay our respect to you. To use out test-sessions to fulfil our desire of having our crush come right our way is a classy act indeed. But, are there some really sneaky ways to do that which you are still not aware of.
Well don’t let yourself worry too much. We are here to take you through the “How’s.
So, come on-board and say “Ahoy”.

#1.  “GOOD MORNING STARSHINE.THE EARTH SAYS HELLO”. If you want your chances of hooking up with your crush shine brighter, honk him softly at the start of the day to wish him in a melodious way. A morning wish is the “sure to work” potion that will make your crush understand that you DO care for him in a refreshing way and that’s the reason you get back to him every single morning as soon as you wake your eyes up.. But don’t be clumsy we say. Elaborate not lengthy texts and torrents of emojis may ruin his mood and your day.

#2.  What do you get when you combine the dead of the night (okay, this is not about Night of the Living Dead, Zombies!) with your lonely room (with you included, of course)?? Yeap! That’s right fella! Those thoughts and waking dreams about your loved one and your crush knows it to. So DON’T FORGET TO PARCEL YOUR CRUSH A NICE GOODNIGHT TEXT BEFORE YOU DOZE OFF.

#3.  Don’t be a selfish swag and be weeping about your tacos all the “convo time”. TALK MORE ABOUT HIM/HER. Ask how his/her day had been. Ask about his business. Ask about her future plans after she graduates. This way you can show your interest in your crush without being too obvious or overt or seeming too goofy .Grab your cookie. Play it subtle. But don’t  go too far all of a sudden n break into that “only me” zone of that person and create a hyper piss-off factor. Also its wish not to inquire about those things which wounded the person in the past. That won’t work in your favour. If your crush has developed this sort of easiness towards you, chances are high that he/she will start telling or sharing those things with you themselves.

#4.  SHARE WITH HIM SOME INTERESTING AND FUNNY STUFFS. This always works. Stuffs like hilarious memes etc. can make that person laugh which is a very effective trick because if he is laughing at your meme, he will be ultimately thinking of it later also and if he is thinking of your meme, then he is surely thinking of the person who sent it. Got the equation?

#5.  GIVE HER COMPLIMENTS. CONGRATULALE ON HIS SUCCESS OR ANY ACHIEVEMENT. No matter how tiny it seems to you because your congratulating him on his “tiny” achievement or a small promotion or complimenting her for her choice of colours, can be huge to him/her and eventually will prove to be ‘hugely rewarding  in the long run for you. So tickle her ego and make her giggle. Go dude go!!!!


“Okay so through text messages it’s sort of next to impossible. Don’t you think so dudes?” You may ask.

“Nothing is impossible”, we reply with a meaningful smart-ass halo.

The trick we have in mind is simple and fair.

“Can you support him in those messed up shitty times?” We ask with a sort of assured premonition. ”Be the supporting shoulder when you feel like she is down or may need it? Maybe assure them that you are always there for them?”

“YES I CAN AND I WILL”, you swear with a comprehensive smile.

There you go boy. There’s your share of wisdom.

And it won’t take long to dawn upon her how awesome it would have been if you were with her in flesh and blood at that moment.

#7.   A great way to implicate that YOU ARE INTERESTED in that person without being unnecessarily loud or pokey is to SHOW CURIOSITY ABOUT HIS/HER FAVOURITE THINGS AND SPORTS. A mere mention of English Premier League is bound to make a soccer guy mare engaged in you and if she is a musician chick, then of course don’t be bugging her with some lame random staffs- just go straight for her musical notes. Be a player.

#8.  There is a wired guy calls Science and he proclaims that hearing your names and or seeing your name typed by someone makes your brain jerked out a load of Endorphins generating a fill good factor within you. So, yeah! TYPE HIS NAME OFTEN and obey Science.

#9.  USEING SOME OF HIS/HER FAVOURITE PHRASES that he/she often uses is a lucrative recommendation me love. It will directly point to him the fact that you observe each and everything he says so minutely. The feel good hormone will ooze out of his pores leaving him wanting for more.

#10.  BEING SEXY SOMETIMES. But don’t be a “Desperate Housewife” and kill the fun mate. It sucks on so many levels. But sometimes an innuendo now and then can keep the spice alive in the conversation. A more blatant indication from your side that you also want that person outside of the text chats is probably not possible. So hold on to your tacos tight and let the digital juices flow over you.

These mighty tips from the mightiest of Text God will ultimately lead you to proclaim with a proud heart “I came, I texted, I Conquered.” At the end of the day and that’s a gentle hippie’s word given to you my friend.

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