The A – Z Of Signs She Wants To Kiss You

signs she wants to kiss you

Is your ego badly bruised after a failed attempt to kiss your date? It is wise to learn some signs she wants to kiss you before you approach her for a lip lock session.

Some men are always lucky when it comes to intimacy with their girlfriends. It may not always be plain luck. These men read their partners subtle signs that helps them go for any opportunity available like a shark.

Women are not quiet open about getting intimate. They will flirt with you, carry on conversations and throw some cues on the way that helps you move towards intimacy. So, better not be a dummy and pick up the signs she wants to kiss you before you lose the opportunity.

Let us learn to pick up these cues when given and help you make the most of it.

#1. She Maintains Eye Contact

A woman interested in you will maintain eye contact. If she looks everywhere around her, but you, it definitely means she is least interested in you. So, better forget the kissing part. At times, a girl can be shy and won’t look you in the eye. However, she will glance at you and turn away blushing when she catches you looking at her.

#2. She Bites/ Licks Her Lips

She maintains eye contact and continues to bite her lips or lick her lips more than usual. Well, that’s the signal, bro. She is definitely into you, but a bit apprehensive about making the first move. Just go ahead kiss her, she will definitely give you a positive response.

#3. She Touches You Often

A woman who touches you or maintains physical contact some way or the other is definitely interested in you. She may hit you playfully or make physical contact for some reason or the other. This is a sign is comfortable with you and would like to up the game one level.On the other hand, a girl who avoids physical contact as much as possible should not be pursued more.

#4. She Tends to Lean Over

A girl who is interested in a kiss will lean towards you often. She is trying to overcome any distance between you and fill up the gap with a kiss. It is up to you to make the final move now.

#5. She Lets You Hug Her

When a girl allows you to hug for those milliseconds longer or allows you to drape your arm over her shoulder means she wants you to be closer. You can bend over and kiss her.

#6. She Plays With Her Mane

Girls who play with her hair, looking at you flirtatiously is a sign she wants you to kiss her. She runs her fingers through her hair or displays her ‘oh, so gorgeous neck’, is a clear sign she wants you to suck her lips hard.

#7. She Blushes When You Touch Her

It is very important to gauge her response when you touch her. Does she move away or flinch at your touch. Or does she blush, smile or do you find her breathing slow down when you touch her? If she is interested, she will definitely love your touch.

#8. She Turns Submissive

A girl who loves her guy will turn submissive and allow his masculinity to take over. She will dip her chin down and look at her guy in a shy, girly way. It is her way of saying I am giving up, you turn me on big way!

#9. She Starts Looking Pretty Just for You

Girls always look prim and proper. But, when she starts dressing up to please your eyes is a sign she wants to attract you big time. You need to be confident and masculine enough to keep her attracted to you. She will show off some extra cleavage or reapply her lip-gloss to keep your attention focused on her lips.

#10. Gauging her Enthusiasm

It is important to understand her eagerness towards you. She will stay interested in all your conversations and love spending time with you. You won’t find any dull moment during your meetings suggesting she is equally excited to be your date. This very well suggests she won’t mind if you attempt to give her a kiss.

You need to time your kiss at the perfect moment. A girl always anticipates the first kiss of a relationship to be special. You need to serve her the sugar when she least expects it, but will be happy to receive it. Keep the moment spontaneous and make sure it leaves her with butterflies in her stomach. Never force her for a kiss. Wait for her acceptance and make a kill. She will not only love you for it, but also respect you.

Perfect your timing and strategy. Kissing is an art that requires both partners to be relaxed and have fun. Go ahead, spot the signs she wants to kiss you and leave her with one mesmerizing smacker.