For The Clueless Boyfriend: 5 Ways To Romance Your Girlfriend

clueless boyfriend

Every girl loves romance. Giving your ladylove the much craved for romantic attention could not only endear you to her further, but also liven up your relationship!

Most people think being romantic involves planning expensive gifts and dates, but really, it is actually just the little things that count (although an occasional piece of pretty trinket doesn’t hurt either). In fact, some of the most romantic things cost very little amount of money and are really quite simple. So, are you ready to learn how to wow your lover and sweep her off her feet?


This is, quite possibly, the most important thing. The element of surprise is your most valuable weapon. Catching your girl off guard is a great way to turn up the romance. Instead of always letting her know exactly what to expect on your dates, leave some things to her imagination, not allowing her to know what she can expect until the date arrives.

Alternatively, you can also surprise her by getting her small gifts! Buy a flower for her and give it to her when you are picking her up for your date. Buy her a bar of her favorite chocolate and watch how her face lights up when you tell her how seeing the chocolate in the store reminded you of her. You can even write a little letter telling her how you feel about her and give it to her, which brings me to my next step…

STEP 2: Love letters and love texts:

You and your lover use talk over text, right? Texts are a very good way to stay connected through the day, but you could also use it to express just how you feel. You can send a simple text about how you can’t wait to meet them in the evening. Another great way to use texting is to occasionally send her lyrics from songs that she loves (or even ones that you love) that express your love for her. Text her after she has fallen asleep and tell her in detail about how much you love her, and she’ll be smiling all day long! The options, my friend, are endless!

Yet another great way to make her blush is by going old school. Write her a letter. Write about your feelings, write and tell her all the things you love about her, you could even write poetry for her! Even if you are not a writer, give it a try. Trust me, she’ll love you more for your awkward and metrically lame poetry.

If you live together, write sweet little notes and leave them all over the house for her to find. She will be pleasantly surprised, and a pleasantly surprised girlfriend equals great love-making. *wink wink*

STEP 3: Cooking together:

This might sound tedious and boring, but this is anything but. You can do this even if you don’t live together. Invite her over and let her you want to try cooking together. Don’t worry about messing up if you don’t know how to cook. Figuring it out together is one of the best parts about it! And if either of you are good at it, bond over teaching it to the other one. Bake a simple cake, or plan an exotic menu and spend an afternoon or afternoon cooking (and laughing at and with each other). And hey even if it doesn’t work out, you can always order pizza and laugh about your misadventures in the kitchen. Besides, showing your girlfriend that you don’t mind helping in the kitchen will definitely get you some brownie points because no girl wants a chauvinist guy for a boyfriend, right?

STEP 4: Read!:

Do you like reading? Does she? Do you both? READ!!! You absolutely can’t go wrong with it! If only one of you likes staring at a page and vividly hallucinating for hours on end. It’s all the more reason to read together. That way, both of you can cultivate a love for reading. Pick a lovely romantic book and read to each other. Or just read together. Get yourselves cups of tea or coffee, some cake (or any other food that you like), get comfy and get reading!

STEP 5: Show her you love her:

This is the most underrated tip of all, but also one of the most important. Be affectionate. Hugs, pecks on the cheeks and even heart-felt, passionate kisses can go a long way in showing your girl how much you care. Kiss her hand and she’ll forever think of you as Prince Charming. You know how they say every girl wants to be a princess? They’re not lying. So treat her like a princess. Watch a couple of Disney movies if you don’t know how to!

Don’t hold back on this affection as physical contact is not only extremely romantic, but also lets your girl know that you are truly in love with her.


  1. The most important matter is understanding, that can give to love a fulfillment and lifetime validity. 🙂