What Does a Girl’s Hug Mean

girl's hug meaning

Decoding a girls’body language is one of the trickiest thing in this world. She may like you, but does not love you. She may be interested in you, but does not want anything serious. She loves you but is not sure if you are the right one for her! Yes, girls have emotions that play paradox with your mind.There is a thin line between her platonic hugs and that hug that may mean something more. Let us learn what do her hugs mean and try make your life simpler.

The 12 Types of Hugs Women Use

Life is complicated. Especially when you are trying to decode a girl’s hug. Did she leave you with that ‘extra pressure’ or what it just a friendly hug? Hugs can leave you confused, yet at times, it may be a clear sign of what she wants.

#1. The Polite Hug

This hugis given just for the sake of hugs. She is not actually touching you, just acting out the entire hug process. She does not even touch you as if you smell offensive despite pouring the entire deodorant bottle on your body. Those who are out on a date with such a girl, say Good-bye to any prospects that you may have with her.

#2. The Quickie Hug

This is the on-the-run hug when she hugs you in a hurry. She may be in a rush to be somewhere. In some unlucky cases, the girl may not be in a hurry to go anywhere. But she is definitely in a hurry to end the hug with you and get over with it. She may avoid any form of body touch that can last more than a few nanoseconds. She won’t even make any eye contact with you. This quickie hug is used when she wants to avoid it, but does not as it may appear rude.

#3. The Buddy Hug

This is a warm hug where her arms are around you and she pats you on your back. You feel nice and warm in her hug with a friendly feel added to it. This Buddy Hug definitely puts you in the friend’s zone.

#4. The Sleepy Shoulder Hug

This is the type of hug that is given by a girl only when she feels safe around you. You will find her put her arms around you and rest her head on your shoulder. This either means you are lucky to have entered her list of trusted aides. She may consider you as a good friend or maybe thinking of something more than a friend.

#5. The Unreciprocated Hug

This is the most awkward hug. You reach out to give the girl a warm hug and what happens is she moves away or you find her body get stiff. Her arms may stay limp and she seems disinterested. If you experience this type of hug on your first date or from your girlfriend, it definitely sounds a death knell for your relationship.

#6. The Bear Hug

This the kind of hug where she will melt you with her warmth. She throws her arms around you, wraps them tight and continues to press herself against you. She won’t care of her makeup or hairdo, all she wants is to hug you tight. This bear hug may be just a sign of being her best friend.

#7. The Squeezy Hug

She comes over and hugs you..no sorry.. she squeezes you with her arm or both her arms. She gives you a smile and may even end up giving you a second hug. This may not be sign of her being romantically inclined towards you, but there are chances you will soon move away from the friend zone.

#8. The Snuggly Hug

She cuddles you. This cuddle is a sign of feeling safe and comfortable around you. This cuddle occurs when she is sitting next you, taking casually. You may be sitting in a diner, couch, movie, etc. It is a definite sign she likes you and you need to keep your eyes, ears and other senses open for other hints she may drop about falling in love with you.

#9. The Side-by-Side Hug

This is the most dulcet types of hugs you will ever receive. She will wrap her arm around your arm or your waist. This side-by-side hug is somewhat similar to the Snuggly hug. It indicates she wants to stay close to you and tell the world ‘He Is Mine and Mine Alone’.

#10. The Lallygag Hug

This is the sweet hug where she wraps her arm or both her arms around you. The hug will last a few seconds longer. This is lingering hug is the ultimate sign that she is into you. All the best, love!

#11. The Waist Puller Hug

This hug occurs when she pulls towards you with your pelvis touching each other. This is a sign she wants more into the relationship, something that is more intimate. Time to polish your best moves my friend.

#12. The Boob Hug

This is the ultimate hugs of all hugs. The girl who gives this kind of hug is mostly your girlfriend. She presses her boobs against your chest intentionally and leaves you with a smile or a naughty wink. This hug definitely means she digs you seriously.

Women are a complicated lot. But if you learn to decipher her body language, she is quite simple to understand. If she loves teasing you with her mind games, then it is better to learn all about what does a girls’ hug mean. These common types of hugs mentioned above will help you judge if you have ended up ‘friendzoned’ or you can gladly make a move and date her.