5 Myths About Why Red is The Color of Love

why red is the color of love

History has it, science proves it and we all agree to the fact that red is indeed the color of pure pleasure, magical sensations and deep desires! So what are you wearing tonight?

Time and again, fashionistas, psychologists, doctors and scientists have been proving the association of the color red along with love. It indeed is considered being one of the purest, deepest and most fantastic color in the palette of several other stimulating colors. Starting with simple fact about our hearts being red, we are naturally ignited and passionate about anything red. It is considered to be an auspicious color and many religions and spiritualities make this color to be closest to your heart and love is typically a heart thing, we’re talking about.

Red has been repeatedly associated with deep carnal and sexual desires and acts as fundamental aspects that attracts and brings about people of the opposite sex get really close. Red is often considered to be an aspect for enhancing the feminity, power and youth around.  The red color has immense impact on our emotions and is responsible for the way we think. Our physical well being is also influenced and the red color often gives us energy and the dynamism to perform better and productive.

Red, the color that ignites passion and fire in you has always been associated with love, sheer ecstasy, energy and excitement. It certainly symbolizes excitement, impulsiveness, power and offers emotions that lead to intense love, passion and elevates the happy hormones in the body.

This is indeed an extremely visible color that you simply can’t miss or overlook. It looks strikingly hot and makes you grab eye balls wherever you step out. Red is often considered to be an auspicious color that indirectly signifies love and happiness around. Most cultures adore this color to be carried out at the various festivals, events, ceremonies that are productive and flourishing for one self.

Being the color of love, it directly links your thoughts with your physical actions, igniting the fuels of passion and sexuality.

Let us see some of the most intriguing facts that prove, the color Red being the one for love!

#1. Red signifies passion

You can have the greatest sex ever, adorning the color red, for it signifies passion, enhances attraction and evokes lust. This is certainly a strong color for love and sex is just a mirror that displays the emotions and keeps two souls crave for each other loves, even more.

#2. It increases intensity of having sex and enhances intimacy

Once you are really inclined and attracted to each other, noticing the color red that enhances your sexual desire, there is no doubt about this foreplay and intimacy to reach its ultimate goal of orgasm which indeed is the purest love pleasure in each form.

#3. All love gifts are always red

Step to a gift gallery, you will certainly find the color red all over. Most of the gift items such as roses, cupid hearts, cards, chocolates and much more are incessantly packed in the color red. Valentine’s Day the day of love is celebrated with great joy and fervor all across the globe and yes, the color red plays a vital role in making the days and gifts of love, all the more better in the presence of the color red. So, hence proved, when love is in the air, it’s time for something red!

#4. Red is perfect to set the mood on a date

If in case you are planning to do something special for your loved one, then use this graceful and extremely vibrant color to magnetize your partner into something more than just a date. Set up the venue with red roses and some candles. Ignite the passion with red décor like the linen, serve-ware and of course some red wine. Set the perfect mood for a perfect and flawless romantic date, of course with the color of love, the mystical red.

#5. Confused what to wear on a date?

Well this might be the most confusing aspect while dating. Finding the perfect color when you actually on this important date is nothing less than a task in itself. Whether you’re a guy looking forward to pop that big question to the one you love or you’re the pretty damsel, dressing up to give him that hint of your feelings. Clothes and attire, dipped in this magical color, solves most of the apprehensions. Once you step in front of your date, clad in red attire, there is love definitely in the air!

The color red has been associated with love and true love to be precise singe ages all across the countries and cultures of the globe. It attracts people to you, creates vision and raises the blood flow, making it all the more easier to fall in love and convey your feelings!