How not to be The Creepy Guy That Girls Hate


Have you ever been called a “creepy guy’’????

Only a victim knows how hurtful, vengeful it feels to be called a creep. It’s almost like being called a douchbag. Isn’t it?

Now, here’s a funny fact. Creep shaming is a privilege that only the women in this world enjoy. This is precisely what that makes it sound way shittier for a guy. It’s like a bucketful of horse dung thrown at them in a beautiful morning.

So what really makes you a “creepy guy” in the first place????

The answer is not that straight since “creepy” is very much subjective.

Nonetheless, there are a few creepy guy habits trying to hit on a girl. They can be mildly disturbing to downright nasty or eerie for an average female.

But don’t you worry fellas. We, here at imburning, will save you from the “creepy guy” shaming. We have compiled a list of the creepy guy behaviours out there. So you can be aware and take the safe path accordingly.

Here they are, exclusively for you.

#1. The Touchy Pie

Touch is sensual.
Women find the right kind of touches to be romantic, nice and sexy. Bur it has to come from her man.

If not, things can turn ugly – real ugly altogether.

There are dudes who never miss out on any opportunity to touch a woman.  Thus he tops our list of sleaze ball creepy guys. Unwanted touches from non-fancied guys are number one gross factor for a girl. Therefore, it’s at best disgusting and at worst threatening to her. So next time she squirms away from your touches, read that as a sign. She is telling you to leave her alone.

#2. The Staring Stranger

Guys check out girls and so do the girls. It’s the natural order of things in effect.
But if the checking out turns into an unblinking stare, that’s icky. It’s the natural order went unnatural to downright freaky.

It kind ‘a goes like this. You come across a random attractive woman at any random place. You forget everything and drop whatever you might have been doing. The next thing you know, you’re staring at her. Your unblinking eyes following her every move with frighteningly uncanny gaze. Even though she catches your stare like thousand times, you don’t stop. Your incorrigible checking out just defies everything. If this is your case, then congratulations!! You’ve just earned a prominent spot in the creepy guy brigade (Yes pun intended).

Eyes speak and your unperturbed gaze gives out a language of lust. she can read it all too clear and she loathes it. It’s this jaw-dropping sort of hungry gaze that she particularly hates.

Now that you know what’s been wrong, you know what to do. Right?? Girls understand when you check out on ‘em. Go overboard with gazes and she’ll flee consequently.

#3. The Worshipper

Attention matters in this world. Especially, when it comes to girls, attention is the secret recipe of flattery. The right kind of attention and approval feeds their ego like no other. Every guycopedia in this world knows it all too well. But it’s always a skilful balancing act. Torrents of attention-approval for her all the time is not such a good idea. This can enrol your name to her list of grody creepers subsequently. Well, she may initially find it nice or maybe even appealing. Nonetheless, it will turn plain weird for her before you even know it. Too much excess is never good.

She wants attention, not idol worshipping. Too desperate to please her is putting her on a pedestal. That’s super spooky to be treated like an alien goddess. In other words, it can’t really make her feel special. Treating her normal with the right amount of attention-affection is the safest path.

#4.The Stranger Danger

“Don’t talk to strangers.” Remember this from your childhood?
NO?? Well you don’t have to if you’re a guy. But with girls it’s something different.

A grown up girl walking alone the streets may remember this stringently. A male is physically stronger and bigger than she is. Consequently the fear of being attacked and assaulted is “real” for her. It can be a vengeful dude she turned down or a random stalker. Indeed, It’s deeply imprinted in her psyche….

Again she may simply not be interested in sticking up a convo with you.

You may wanna talk to this sexy chick sitting alone in the coffee shop. But when you pop up to say ‘Hi’, do watch for her body language. If it suggests anything indicating her unwillingness to talk to you, back off immediately. It’s a lost case at any rate. Push it harder and you’ll be the next ‘creepy guy’ hot topic.

Likewise hitting on a girl inside an enclosed space is a terrible idea. And inside an elevator of all things?  NO! NEVER! It’s dreadfully eerie with her nowhere to run.

#5. The Nagging Bugger

So you met this hell of a chick at the bar the other day. You want to know her more and keep in touch with her. But here some guys go beyond the boundaries of healthy communications. They flood her phone with trillions of text messages and phone calls. Behaviours such as this is a destroyer of her personal space. Above all, this will ruin all your chances.

Persistent contact is a desperate act that will lead you nowhere. Moreover, it makes you sound like a needy toddler or even an obsessed psychopath. Therefore, plan a date and leave the rest to her. Be smooth. Be smart.

P.S. – If she doesn’t return the gesture even, time for you to move on.

#6. The “Personal Space Destroyer” CREEPY GUY

Annnnnd we present to you *drum rolls*…. “ the personal space destroyer” special edition (ta daaaa).

This is the kind of the dude who keeps coming back at a girl. No matter how many times she has shooed him off, he won’t stop. He is relentless in his persuasion of her. Nothing can disappoint him, drive or threaten him away. He stays there immovable. Furthermore, he leaves no stones unturned to win her heart. Leaving tokens of his undying love at her doorstep is his regular to-do stuff. Self-delusional, he just can’t accept her rejection.

This creepy guy is like a possessed soul.

The more theatrical variant of this type becomes her shadow. He follows her around wherever she goes.  He is her “personal stalker”. Oftentimes he freaks her out with his omnipresence both in real and virtual world. This type makes a girl want hide inside a closet forever.

Found any resemblance with this rather unsettling type? If yes, we need to talk bro.
A “no” from a girl means “no”. No matter what you do, she won’t be yours once she said “no”. Contrarily, a willing girl is worth all your romantic efforts. She is out there somewhere.

#7. Downright Dirty Dorks

Coming down the line of creepy guys, this is the nastiest type. If you think being a dirty talker to any woman is cool, you fall under this category. You find it smooth to talk about a woman’s visible bra strap before her. Your sexual innuendos are rather sickening to her stomach. Your new-age sexiness is the age-old reason of disgust for her. Women DO like dirty talking, provided it comes from the man she wants.

Likewise, don’t call any unknown girl “mama’ / “babe” or things like that. Coming from a random stranger dude, it’s simply “whatever” for her. Nor seeing an unexpected dick picture in her Facebook inbox is appealing to her. She’ll block the virtual molesters out of her life for good.

 #8. Over-Protective Fatherly Types

Okay, now comes one of the two real annoying types.
Being a knight in shining armour is something that every man wants to be. Protecting our woman is a ‘must’ for all us men. Standing up for her in public – that we all do for instance . Walking her to her home when it’s late should be our responsibility. But take it to the extremes and you turn into an over-protective creepy guy.

And what do we mean by “extremes”??

She grabs the kitchen knife to make salad and you freak out. That’s extreme. She forgets her umbrella on a rainy day and you freak out. That’s extreme.

She is not a toddler and doesn’t want to be treated like one. She’ll suffocate if you treat her like a fragile porcelain doll. If you think she is at the mercy of your protection, you’re wrong. She’ll run for the hills and seek protection from you mate.

#9. Over-Possessive Psycho 

“So what is the twin sister of over-protectiveness?”, you may ask eventually.
Over-possessiveness, of course.. duhh.

This type is like an abominable nightmare for every girl out there. Control freak can also be his other name. He wants to decide everything for her and dictates. He can go any length to know her every move all the time. Seeing her talking to other guys sends his rage sky high soon enough. Easily the most dreaded horror flicks for any woman. Rang a bell? If yes, we need to talk again bro.

Love isn’t slavery. Relationship isn’t dictatorship. Therefore, an over-possessive, hyper-reactive creepy guy is something you ought not be. Let her breathe. Everybody has a personal space and so does she. Savour it, you’ll be happy; destroy it, you’ll be creepy.

#10. Fetish Frenzies

There is a thing about fetishes- those are personal.

The girl you’re going to meet may or may not share your fetishes. So, laying bare all your dirty secrets in your first meeting – not so cool. Nahh because first impression really matters.

On the other hand, if she shares your stuffs, you are going “BINGO!!!!”. The chances are always very thin though. So why gamble at it???? Your fetishes won’t really play the biggest deal in your relationship specifically. So don’t make her dash for the exit door in no time. Don’t be such a creepy guy.  Let her get acquainted with you. Once she is in it, she will find your secret desires sexy. Trust me it happens. Trust me ‘cause I have evidences. *grins*.

So these are creepy pasta types that girls hate most. Hence  now you know what not to do. Mend the mistakes and take the safe route to success. Don’t let the taint of a creepy guy jump at you anymore. Spread the word.

Oh and a relatively unattractive guy approaching an attractive girl is not creepy. His look is something he can’t control. Therefore he can’t be held responsible for this. Love is for all.

With that being said, stay happy not creepy.