10 Easy Seduction Techniques to Use on Men


Do you want your man to fall for you head over heels? Don’t you want to learn seduction techniques to use on men?

Get your man behind your closed doors with the seduction techniques we share with you in this article. With this road map on seduction techniques to use on men, you will get your goal on track.

The Rules of Seduction Games

Seduction is a form of art. You need to hone this art with practice and in time, you will master the art of seduction. It is not easy to seduce a man, trust me. Before you get in the seduction game, think if you want to seduce just YOUR man or ANY man. Don’t worry, whatever your answer may be, the rules of the game remain the same. The only difference is what makes a man tick. Different men are seduced by different methods. The secret behind winning this game is learning to find the right switch that ticks your man.

It is not just the physical attraction that seduces a man. It can be his secret fetish, expectation from his woman or even an image he has built in his mind. It is your job to discover his secret tab and turn it on for him. So let you passionate wiles let loose and turn sensitive to his sexual needs. The following tips on seduction techniques to use on men will help you turn seduction games interesting.

The Sultry Moves That Helps Seduce a Man

First, get your confidence level up. You can’t go in there half-heartedly or with any self-doubt. You need to take control of the situation and do what it takes to win over your man. Set aside taboos and just do whatever it takes to seduce your man.

#1.  Flirt With Him

Who says flirting won’t help seduce a guy. Even if you guys are going rock steady, it is life that takes over your relationship. He may not take his eyes off the TV when binge watching Game of Thrones. That’s where you need to take up the challenge and seduce your man back into your world. Sit close to him, run your finger down his back, up his chest. Kiss him seductively on his neck. Run your hand down his crotch and whisper dirty things in his ears. He will surely won’t be able to resist the stimulation and ditch the TV and turn intimate with you.

#2.  Attention, Attention, Attention

A man loves it when his lady showers him with attention. He may not openly show appreciation, yet will look forward to all your Oooos and aaahhhhaassss spent behind him. This will definitely turn him on and make a lot of difference in your relationship.

#3.  Turn the Shower Game On

Wear a sexy t-shirt and make sure you ditch your bra. Join him while he is showering. Allow the water to run down your body and give him the best view of your assets. He won’t be able to turn his eyes away from your boobs. Don’t let him play with them by holding his hands. Kiss him, tease him, make him go wild. He will tear his way to hold your body close to his and give you the best sex ever.

#4.  Whisper Naughty Naughty

When you guys are at a social event like a party or even if you are working together, whisper naughty things in his ears. He can’t do anything about it and his height of anticipation of catching you alone will rise skyhigh. Whisper, “I am wearing your favorite lacy bra”. Or, “When I see you tonight I am going to suck you sore”. Wink if you wish and just walk away as if nothing ever conspired between you. Watch him wipe the sweat on his brow in anticipation for a sultry evening.

#5.  Give Him The LOOK

Did you just spot that hunk of meat across the room? Put on your sexy face and walk towards him. Look him in the eye for not more than 2 seconds and give him that sexy smile. Turn away your gaze for just a second and look at him again. This tantalizing stare will make him follow you to the end of the world.

#6.  The Bare it All

Wear a nearly see through blouse and just your underneath it. Climb up your bed with your high heels on. Click a sexy photo of yourself and send it to your man when he is at work. Caption the photo asking him how he would rate your bare legs in sexy heels on a scale 1-10. This is a classic seduction technique to use on men in today’s technically advanced age.

#7.  Try Fragrance to Kill

During seduction games, you can try some aromatherapy to win the situation. Wearing some seductive aroma such as ylangylang, jasmine, rose, etc. with aphrodisiac properties will help you make a man fall in love with you. Apply some aroma on your body’s pulse points sparingly. The perfume or aroma can be applied on your wrists, behind your ears, at the bend of the elbow, behind your knees as well as inside of the ankles. A lasting, yet seductive aroma will remain imprinted in his mind forever.

#8.  Give Him An Erotic Massage

A tired man who comes home to relax on your bed needs an erotic massage. When you help him release his stress levels, you set the mood for sex. Wear a skimpy outfit that bares it all, but shows nothing. Give him a change to get a peak here and there while you massage his body. The erotic massage will help you connect with his body and arouse his senses towards your body. He will concentrate more on you rather than think about work.

#9.  Seduce His Senses

Play the pleasure game by seducing his senses. Wear red as it is connected with the sexy feeling. Smell perfect so that he gets lost in your chemistry of attraction. Cook him a fine dinner and end it with a tasty treat of chocolates. Research has shown chocolates release serotonin in the brain that helps one get the feelings of being relaxed and enjoy pleasure. Touch his body, cuddle him, and make him feel close to your body. A soothing touch helps release oxytocin, also known as the Love Hormone. And finally, don’t stay quite. Make some noises that pleases his ears. The simple, ‘ohh, yess’ or ‘Right there’ can make a whole lot of difference in his approach. Pleasure his senses and he will do all it takes to pleasure yours.

#10.  Greet Him With A Sexy Kiss

When he is home, just open the door and kiss him. You could give him a French kiss and unbutton his shirt while you are at it. Gently move to his nape, ooohhh…..he will go wild with lust. Slowly move towards his chest and stomach, making him feel every kiss you plant on his body. Go down your knees and unbuckle his belt. It’s time to give him some real pleasure down there. After your romp in the night, wake him up early in the morning with your naked tits rubbing his bare back. You will be surprised at the energy he is left with as he treats you with morning sex.

These are some simple, yet sure to work seduction techniques to use on men. Seduction games go a long way and you can try whatever pleases your man. Let go of yourself and feel the sexy you. Your man will be eating out of your hand and many other places once you are successful at seduction games.