Know How To Make Moves When You Spot A Cleavage

how to make moves after spotting a cleavage

One of the biggest problems men face is not knowing how to make love to a woman!

I remember the first time I was all alone with John, I was at his place and I somehow got into the mood for making love. I removed my jacket and I was exposing my cleavage, John didn’t even understand that I was in the mood to have sex and he was busy preparing dinner for us. I had to literally go up to him, and I hugged him from behind and rubbed my chest against him. Somehow he understood that I was in the mood for getting some crazy love today, and then slowly he reciprocated turned back and kissed me. Soon after he lifted me, took me to his bed. We undressed each other and got busy and he was giving me orgasms over orgasms! The first time we had sex wasn’t great because John didn’t know how exactly he had to make a move, it was like straight bang bang! Ha-ha, but soon he mastered how to actually arouse me and now we have great sex and he easily understands when I am in the mood for it.

So have you spotted a cleavage?

Is your girlfriend trying to tease you after she caught her ogling at you? Are you confused if she’s wants you inside her? How would you make a move when you aren’t sure if the girl is ready for you?

Try to flirt with her.

Tell her she looks hot, beautiful and see how she reciprocates to it. If you catch her biting her lips and blushing then it probably means that she is interested in you. See if she also engages and tries to flirt back at you.

Once the mood is lightened up you can try and go sit next to her. Put your hand over her shoulders, talk about sweet romantic things and see if she’s letting you do it. Make her smile, trust me this is the key to make any woman fall for you – make her happy.

By now if your lady is interested in you she will start sending out signals by giving good eye contact, and she may even run out of words to talk to you. You might notice her heart beat fast and goosebumps over her body when you try to touch her casually. You can see her cheeks blush because she’s feeling shy. This clearly means that she wants you and now it’s the time you made a move.

So how should you go ahead and make some crazy love and orgasms over orgasms to her? In this article I will discuss how you must proceed and make a move and have awesome sex with your lady.

#1 Make her comfortable.

Before you proceed to sex you must arouse your lady and put her in the mood for sex. You have to set up the right environment which will arouse her and enhance her mood. Light some candles or you could darken the room, turn on the ac and make her feel more comfortable.

#2 Make her wet

Foreplay is very important, you could start off by fondling her breasts, kissing her neck and you could go down and play with her pussy.

Give her a good massage, kiss her all over and slowly undress her.

Continue kissing her while you fondle her nipple, also slide your left hand, use your finger and rub her clitoris. Every woman will love this and will get turned on if you follow this method of fondling 2 pleasure spots

#3 Give her some surprise

Use your tongue over her and kiss her pussy, give those goosebumps to her.

Start slowly and use your fingers and tongue and give her some oral pleasure. When you can see her all excited and glittering down there continue doing whatever you’re doing and give her pleasure.

#4 Play with her

So please wait once you’re done with oral sex, don’t just go and have sex. Now it’s the time to play with her and tease her. Show her your penis and start rubbing it over her pussy and then move away from her. Start playing with her boobs, give a small bite and then kiss and move away. She should start craving for more and literally pull you inside her.

Slowly guide her hand to your penis and let her touch it and give you a small hand job and you continue sucking her breasts, nibbling on them and try to see her expressions and understand if she’s reaching her orgasm.

#5 Start making love.

Now slowly spread her legs and go inside her. Rub the cap of your penis over her pink warm region and see if it can enter and then put some pressure and thrust into her.

Be gentle, be careful not to hurt her. Use your fingers if needed to open her up and then insert your penis inside her. Start slowly and then increase your pace and look at her facial expressions and see if she’s enjoying it.

Try changing positions, it’s your personal preference and have sex in which every position you’re comfortable with. Don’t be too fast, go easy on her until its smooth and softer and then you can go 10 x faster.

Make her moan and scream your name.

What matters is the pace, you start slow then speed up then go slow again. You can also use some lubricant if required.
Now that you know all that you must do to give maximum pleasure to your woman, please remember these and try and capture any sign your lady makes. Know how to make a move and make her feel on top of the world by giving her amazing sex.