How to Get Revenge on Someone Who Broke Your Heart?

How to Get Revenge on Someone Who Broke Your Heart?

Wicked, wicked, wicked. That’s the exact definition of all the thoughts running through your mind when thinking of your ex. Your ex has behaved like a real ass and cheated on you. You need to calm the pain with revenge and the ideas coming to your mind are definitely wicked. Those who cannot think of any way on how to get revenge on someone who broke your heart need not worry. We will give you some pointers on how to heal a broken heart with revenge.

How to Hurt Someone Who Broke Your Heart

Being cheated by someone you love is the worst feeling ever. You feel a pain of disappointment as well as the fact you were made a fool. You think of many ways to hurt that person back.

Imagine you loved a person and dreamt of spending the rest of your life with you. Even if it ever ended, you did not mean to end it with such disappointment and cheating. The pain lingers in your heart even if you stop seeing each other. Your heart is broken in a million pieces and sprawled across the floor. How to put it back together, how to overcome the aftermath of a broken heart?

It is easy to overcome breakups. However, one those where he broke your heart by cheating on you. You wish to break his jaw, but you can take revenge by not taking the law in your hands. Torment him; make him despise himself for being such an asshole towards you.

The following pointers will help you get ‘oh, so sweet revenge’ on the person who have hurt you bad.

#1 Live Like You Don’t Care

Don’t spend your time crying and wailing for him. He lost you, it’s his loss. Not yours. Your precious tears are not worth wasting on a cheater cock. Live happily and show the world you give a damn. Even though you are breaking into a million pieces inside, remain calm on the outside. Let him feel there is no value for cheaters in your life.

#2 Give Yourself a Makeover

It’s time to spend time on yourself. As you are single and don’t have to think about anybody else. The best way to take sweet revenge on someone who broke your heart is by undergoing a makeover. Hit the gym if you are on the heavier side or rush to a beauty center and get a makeover. Get a new hairstyle or change your wardrobe. You can’t turn into J.Lo. overnight, but it is worth a try. Your ex-flame will definitely develop doubts about his choice over you.

#3 Turn Successful

The best way to get revenge on someone who broke your heart is by turning successful. Take a serious note of your career and find ways to reach the top. Pursue a hobby like baking or opening a small eatery. Do what you wish to do and become successful in it. Even if you get into another relationship make sure it works best and works out in your favor. The person who broke your heart cannot handle all the positivity around you.

#4 Move On

He cheated. Period.Let him be happy with the girl he chose. She lied and betrayed your feelings. You tried your best never to hurt her. In spite of your dedication you were cheated. Why ponder and cry over spilled milk. Move on immediately. Go out with your friends, catch up with things you missed due to your toxic relationship. Let that someone who broke your heart know you give a damn to their presence in their life.

#5 Try Sabotaging Their New Relationship

If you are the scheming kinds, plot a plan that will sabotage their new relationship. Get a kid to call him ‘daddy’ in front of his new flame. Or bring forth her darkest secret in front of her new boyfriend. Get the devil outside your head and plan a brutal revenge.

#6 Flirt With Those Who Show Interest in You

If you happen to visit the same club or pub like your ex, take all the liberties around you. Flirt with those who show interest in you when your ex is sure to see. These flirting sessions will ignite some pangs of jealously in your ex. Even if they don’t get jealous, they will be a little uncomfortable watching your scars heal so soon.

#7 Seduce The Person Your Ex Hates

The best way to take dirty revenge is seducing that person your ex hates. Make you move on that girl your ex-girlfriendcan’t stand or that guy who got promoted instead of your ex-flame. Your ex will panic when he/she sees you wade along with the fish they can’t stand. It will definitely hurt egos to know you are seeing or even sleeping with someone they are jealous of to the core.

#8 Spill The Beans

It’s time to get dirty and throw some dirt around. Let all their dirty secrets out by hitting them below the belt. Get a word around about his prick that is smaller than a baby finger. Or tell the world about the ugly mole she hides with makeup. It’s time to hurt your ex where it hurts the most. But be sure your slate is clean before you splash mud over your ex.

#9 Throw a Party to Celebrate Your Break-up

It’s time to celebrate. Throw a big party and invite your friends and even your ex’s friends if you can. Have a blast enjoying your newfound freedom. Dance the night out and hook up with someone during the party. There is no better way of pissing your ex when you show happiness instead of pain by their breakup.

#10 Choose to Live Well and Be Happy

Finally, taking no revenge is the best revenge you can have on your ex. Why do you want to take all the trouble planning and plotting revenge?Instead, focus on your life and control your destiny. When planning and executing revenges on your ex, you are wasting precious time on them rather than enjoying your life. This gives them a chance to smirk in delight, you can’t live without them. Get over the bitterness and take your time to heal, placing the thoughts on your ex on the backburner.

The best way to get revenge on someone who broke your heart is by moving on to new prospects. The world is filled with many new people to meet and make new relations. You never know you find the person of your dreams only after your ex dumps you. So hold on to the horses of revenge and ride merry moving on.