Is Your Ex Still Playing With You? 8 Ways to Give it Back

Is -our-Ex-Still-Playing-With-You-8 Ways-to-Give-it-Back

So, you parted ways owing to differences (with mutual consent) and your partner seems too ignorant and insensitive to get that, right? Don’t worry we all have that ex who simply refuses to spare us from their irksome presence and keeps on playing mind games.

They wonder whether we still hold a soft corner for them! Pride, regret and anguish topped up with a lack of self control can lead to a dissembling post break-up scenario. Piercing through the fog-screen of our ex’s intentions is never an easy task! It may turn out to be impossible at times because they themselves may not know the high and low of their own emotional inconsistencies!

Therefore, gear up and go through this article to analyze whether you are being played upon and once you derive a suitable conclusion, give it back to them. Bang on!

#1. Dangling On The Fence!

This moment they miss you and the following moment they back out. Their presence is finely balanced between crocodile tears post break-up and an invisibility cloak to put on whenever desired! it’s possible that your ex is keeping their options open by attempting to dishonesty and giving you just enough to save from drifting.

So you remain an option while they seek out to find “better deals”. Solution? BACK OUT! Insist that they stick to their words. If they don’t, remind them that you both have parted ways time and again! This way he will keep his hot and cold behaviour in check and slowly reveal what’s cooking inside!

#2. The “Oh-Am-So-Good-Without-You” Game!

If your ex exhibits an awfully fabulous life post breakup (spare the awful oxymoron) highlighting it as a reel of joy and freedom, make sure it’s a plan to make you feel jealous. So that you end up thinking, losing them was your loss and slowly give in to his thoughts. While it may be possible that your ex took this breakup as a reset button to work over the life he/she is left with, which I did, yet, always remember that change takes time. It will be steady, slow and gradual. Not an overnight exhibition of this new found excitement. That’s a way to highlight a sore self-esteem. Solution?

Be As Stoic As You Can. Make them sure that you are least bothered by whatever gala time they are having in their life.

#3. I’ll Get You Heart By Hook OR Crook!

If false hopes and sweet promises couldn’t soften you enough to reconcile, this ex of yours may go as far as pretending that he doesn’t know you and cannot stand you! Anger causes strange reactions and the ones jilted in love manifests in manifolds their already erupting volcano of emotions! If they seem as persistent as dirt, or anything filthier that doesn’t get off our hands then go in and see what’s there! But, but, but…. Stay alert my dear! Remember you’re fighting with fire.

#4. Now That You’re Around, Look! Here’s My Rebound!

This is the most persistent, stupid and crass example of mind games that exes play. They will purposely drag in their rebound in front of your face! If the break-up is borne out of respect, it is an unwritten norm that future romantic interests will be left out of the scenario! Ones who do otherwise just attempt to cement their faltering insecurity. Solution? STAY CLEAR OF THEM! BLOCK THEM ON FACEBOOK, SNAPCHAT AND WHATEVER SOCIAL MEDIA YOU TWO WERE INTO. Unfollow them from twitter, tumbler and do so GUILTLESSLY.

#5. Common Friend who Turned Into Common Frenemy!

Now that he failed to win you back or at least influence you in person, is trying to reach out via mutual friends. Now they, like perfect spy of your ex may end up quizzing you on him, with this, you can go either way. EITHER JOIN IN FOR THE SAKE OF HUMOUR OR STEER CLEAR OF THE CONVERSATION RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING! Whichever suits you.

Cut off all contacts with your ex and sit back and enjoy the drama!

In the meantime if their persistent pings get the better of your patience, here are some crazy ways to give them an unforgettable banishment! Now learn how to play them back.

#6. Block Them Halfway Through A Conversation

This will burn them to an irrecoverable point! Indulge in a conversation, push them to the peak of involvement and hit block! From Facebook, phone, weChat, whatsApp everywhere! They will keep on wondering what happened and go on tearing his hair.

#7. Who Are You? Do I Know You?

Okay, this is how you are supposed to act if they accidentally or intentionally bump into you. Pretend as if you don’t know them. Ask their name, where do they stay and show genuine interest in conversing! Better still pretend as if they are some alien freshly gotten off from their UFOs! And enjoy the weird faces!

#8. Gift Them Something Unimaginable

If your ex is convinced that you still love them and is as crazy as believing it, prove them that you’re crazier! Gift them a bitter gourd or a dead cockroach or something you can’t even imagine of “gifting” to someone! You know, customized stuffs! Also, write a note along with it that you love them as much you love those horrible things and watch them burn or scream(in case they are afraid of cockroaches.

Go ahead, follow these (crazily) simple and effective ways and enjoy a free drama, awesome single life by warding off exes and their notorious presence! Until next time.