Six Creative Places To Meet Eligible Single Women

where To Meet Single Women

Meeting single women can be a difficult task, not only because there will be different types of women wherever you go, but more often than not, the idea of ‘picking up women’ can come off as creepy or desperate, and women are very quick to pick up on those kinds of things.

But, aside from the quick fix of online dating, or apps like Tinder, there are still several creative options when it comes to meeting eligible single women that can not only work to your advantage, but can help you find the right kind of girl for you!

Check out our tips on six of the most creative places to meet eligible single women, and try them next time you’re in the market to meet the girl of your dreams.

# 1. A Sports Team

Are you a part of an intramural team? Gym-sponsored baseball team? Or just a group that gets together weekly for a pickup game? Being a part of a team is a great way to naturally meet women who likely have something in common with you. If you both like a specific sport, or enjoy staying physically fit, being on a team together can be a great way to casually get to know each other, and gives you plenty of opportunities to get to know each other better naturally.

# 2. The Grocery Store

The old ‘produce aisle’ pick up might seem cliche, but the grocery store is actually a great place to meet single women! Stay away from cheesey produce puns, and instead, try to casually start a conversation while you’re waiting in line at the deli or meat counter. Talking about a recipe you want to make, or asking the girl if she has a specific recipe she uses for a particular cut of meat, etc., is a great way to casually engage in conversation without seeming overly creepy or desperate.

# 3. A Concert

A concert is a great place to meet single women who likely have the same taste in music as you do! It’s a casual environment to begin with, and people are usually pretty close, so accidentally bumping into someone isn’t unlikely. Try striking up a conversation while you’re both in line for a drink, or jump in and dance around her group of friends. Don’t try to get too serious or forward with the dancing, as that can be uncomfortable for everyone. But, if you keep things light, and show that you have a sense of humor, it could be the start of a great experience.

# 4. The Dog Park

Another great place to meet women who likely have something in common with you is at the dog park. If you’re a dog lover, there’s no better place to meet someone who shares your interests than at a dog park! It’s easy to strike up a conversation about your dogs without coming off as creepy or needy, and you already know she’s into loyalty, fun, and friendship.

# 5. Coffee Shop

A coffee shop is the answer for someone who doesn’t want to meet women at a bar. It’s easy to start a conversation, and seems less dangerous to a lot of women than a guy who might come up to her at a bar. Whether you want to ask her to pass the sugar, or for the WiFi password, there are many different openings when it comes to coffee shop talk. Keep it casual, keep it light-hearted, and keep it caffeinated!

# 6. The Bus

Most of us might not consider public transportation to be a mecca when it comes to meeting single women. But, the great thing about the bus or subway? A lot of us take it, and a lot of us have our gripes or jokes about it. If you see someone you’re interested next time you take public transportation, don’t be afraid to crack a joke, or start up a light-hearted conversation. Your commensurate experiences can be a great way to immediately have something in common, and even if you start off by connecting with your senses of humor, it can lead into a fun relationship!